Unique Great Lakes Vacation Spots

The Great Lakes surrounding Michigan and bordering Canada as well as other US states offers some of the best travel destinations in the entire world. There are literally thousands of interesting places to see and experience all offering something a little different than the rest. The Great Lakes is includes five magnificent bodies of water including Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Collectively, it is the largest freshwater area in the world.

A wide variety of activities and fun are available including snorkeling, scuba diving, beach activities, canoeing, camping, nature hikes and fishing are just a few of the almost endless list. One thing is for sure, there is something for everyone at the Great Lakes. You could spend many weeks discovering the amazing destinations it offers and only just scratch the surface of everything that is available.

From small towns with one traffic light to big cities full of action, the Great Lakes in an excellent choice for your next holiday. Below are just a few of the amazing places you have to choose from in the Great Lakes area.

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Mackinac Island has a charm and character all its own and you won't find any place like it anywhere else on the globe. The island is only just under four square miles in size, but you could spend weeks there and still have more to uncover about this historic destination. It is located on Lake Huron between Michigan's Upper and Lower Peninsula and you must take a ferry to reach the island.

Mackinac is drenched in history and even has the remains of an old British Fort that was used in several battles during the Revolutionary War and War of 1812. Most motor vehicles are banned so you will see a large number of horse-drawn carriages, bicycles and other alternative modes of transportation. It has everything from five-star accommodations available such as the Victorian Grand Hotel to budget style hotels, fine dining to barbecuing on the beach. In Mackinac, you will discover a whole new world you never even knew existed.

Traverse City, Michigan

Traverse City features the Sleeping Bear Dunes which are truly an amazing destination full of fun for the whole family. However, there is plenty more to see as well with a fantastic coastline packed with excellent restaurants, shopping, resorts and don't forget to visit The Village at Grand Traverse Commons.

The Village is a historical site that is now an arboretum just over 60+ acres in total size. It offers a huge indoor marketplace full of shops, food and items for sale you won't find just anywhere. Additionally, it has miles and miles of hiking and biking trails available so don't forget your bike and a pair of comfortable shoes. The Village is a great way to spend a day or even a few days for that matter and experience one of the great places among many in Traverse City.

Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara Falls is known around the world for the fantastic and huge waterfalls as well as being a great place for couples on a honeymoon. However, Niagara isn't just for honeymooners anymore and makes a great place for the whole family to enjoy something special. The destination is part of both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario offering a great destination to experience the magnificent waterfalls while offering easy access to many other locations and activities also.

Put-in-Bay, Ohio

Put-in-Bay is often referred to as the Crown Jewel of Lake Erie because of the amazing adventure it offers from such a small area. The island is only four miles across at its widest point, but it is packed with history. Old Victorian homes, tours of mysterious caves, beach activities, go kart racing, fine dining and much more can be found at Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

Marquette, Michigan

Marquette, Michigan is packed full of interesting sites throughout the literally thousands of miles of available trails, cross-country ski trails, back roads and logging roads, bike paths and state park trails. If you love the outdoors and nature then Marquette should be near the top of your list of destinations to visit in the Great Lakes area. Marquette sits nestled next to the largest of all the Great Lakes, Lake Superior, which offers an endless amount of beach and on the water activities.

Saugatuck, Michigan

Saugatuck might be the best-kept secret of the Great Lakes as not many know about its amazing charm and wonderful beauty. The small destination has a very active and vibrant art scene with a huge variety of shops and art galleries sprawled along the coast of Lake Michigan. It has been rated in the past by USA Today as the number one weekend vacation spot in the entire US! If you plan to travel the Great Lakes, then Saugatuck should be on your list of places to enjoy.

Chicago, Illinois

Many people do not automatically think of Chicago when they think of the Great Lakes area. However, the city is one of the world's finest and sits along Lake Michigan which offers amazing views year round and all types of different activities. Blues and jazz music bars, professional sports teams like the Cubs, White Sox and Bulls, as well as some of the best dining and shopping in the entire world, can all be had in Chicago.

The city has several museums, five-star accommodations and a rich history that everyone will enjoy. If you are on a tight budget or no budget at all, Chicago can be a great place to enjoy the best of both a busy city and amazing nature all at one destination.

Grand Marais, Minnesota

Grand Marais is home to one of the longest existing and most vibrant art communities in the entire United States. The area provides an amazing amount of beautiful scenery from high above the landscape on the Lake Superior cliffs or while kayaking on the Lake Superior. Nature and beautiful wildlife dominate the scene in Grand Marais and it is a great destination for those who love the outdoors and can appreciate some artistic flare.

Madeline Island, Wisconsin

Madeline Island is located on Lake Superior and officially part of Wisconsin. To reach this magical island one must use a ferry service and upon arrival Big Bay State Park offers the perfect location for a day filled with fun. Rock climbing, kayaking, exploring, hiking, swimming and a whole range adventure and activities can be found here.

Door County, Wisconsin

Door County is a true four season travel destination as it offers much more than most people realize. The three hundred miles of coastline, five state-sponsored parks, eleven lighthouses, thriving communities of food enthusiasts and performing artists are just the beginning. You can find it all in Door County from elegant and fine dining to casual and delicious, you won't be disappointed and will probably find yourself coming for more!

There are literally thousands of great locations to visit around the Great Lakes, above is just a handful of them. However, if you have never experienced the Great Lakes before, then one or several of the destinations above would be a great way to get started.