Alberta is located in western Canada at the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Its location close to the mountains makes it a great destination for exciting outdoor activities and sports.

Alberta is a major travel destination. Its cities, sports, and recreation facilities attracts large amounts of travelers year round. Visitors come to Alberta to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and wilderness tours that are available at many sites throughout the province.

The province of Alberta borders British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, and the United States.

Population: 2,974,807 (Statistics Canada, 2001 Census)
Capital City: Edmonton
Entered Confederation: September 1, 1905
Main Alberta Industries: agriculture, forestry, telecommunications, oil and gas
General Information: Alberta is one of the three prairie provinces.
Language: English
Major Travel Regions: Banff, Calgary, Jasper, Lake Louise

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Bed and Breakfast
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Fly Fishing
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Alberta motels are known for their hospitality and proximity to provincial attractions and activities. Motels provide a good night's rest for all executives and travelers.

Motels in Alberta offer various amenities to their guests. Some include restaurants, bars or pubs, swimming pools, and hot tub facilities.

Alberta motels have many package options, from weeknight specials for executives to weekly stays for tourists. Transportation services to and from local airports is available.


Alberta skiing facilities include extensive downhill, backcountry, heli-ski, and cross-country trails. Alberta Skiing facilities provide hundreds of runs for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy.

Alberta is the perfect province for skiing. Some of the world's best skiing areas are located in the mountains of the Canadian Rockies. Alberta skiing destinations include Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper.

Alberta skiing conditions are very favorable. Although conditions will vary depending on your location, they include a lot of snow, sun, and pleasant winter days.


Alberta tours bring sightseers to the most scenic and historic locations in the province. They allow participants to enjoy cities, wildlife, and nature viewing.

Alberta tours is a necessity for visitors, they allow sightseers to get an overview of the diverse make up of the province. Some of the major tours include Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Calgary, and Edmonton. Each one of these tours is unique. They present participants with a combination of historical, city, nature, and wildlife viewing.

Packages and trips are available from tour operators throughout the province. They include pick and drop off at hotels, meals (depending on durations), transportation, and professional guide.


Alberta weather varies considerably throughout the year; however, it is mainly favorable with a lot of sun. Local temperature depends mainly on elevation and the surrounding mountains.

Alberta weather conditions range from abundant snow in the winter and sun in the summer.