ABBOTSFORD (British Columbia)


A Canadian city found in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia next to Greater Vancouver is Abbotsford. With 123,864 residents in 2006, the city is known to be the 5th largest municipality in BC. Most of its citizens work in the city itself while the remaining 32% commutes to Chilliwack, Vancouver, or Mission.

Framed by Fraser Valley, the wonderful urban setting that Abbotsford provides its visitors with various outdoor activities and city experiences. In Abbotsford, a lot of ski spots, parks, theatres, golf courses, shops, hotels, museums, and more are available.


Abbotsford was first settled by Europeans in the middle of the 1800s with the influx of people attracted by the Gold Rush in the areas surrounding the Fraser River. The settlement expanded since and logging quickly became the major industry in the area. Abbotsford Village was established in 1892 with a significant portion of its area owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway. The village grew in terms of population and farming then outranked logging as a top economic activity. The village was merged with the District of Sumas in 1972 and the District of Matsqui in 1995.


╣Matsqui Stables. It offers year-round horseback riding. Experience this fun activity along the Matsqui Trail Regional Park with Fraser River’s beauty at the side. They have guides ready to assist you anytime. One of the best things to do in Abbotsford is horseback riding. It is an outdoor recreation perfect for families or groups of friends.

╣BMX indoor facilities and an outdoor track at Exhibition Park. It is operated by the Abbotsford BMX club and has become one of the leaders in the field of BMX in the country. Because the sport is great for all ages, the club has created a class for all skill levels. Anyone aged 2 - 60 years old can participate. They have fun activities held everyday and the winner takes home a trophy.

╣the Discovery Trail. It is a hiking trail where the family can cycle, walk, run, or roller-blade. The trail is more than 30 km long and 3 meters wide and is surrounded by beautiful flowers, towering trees, and scenic ponds. It has special areas designed for the handicapped.

╣Abbotsford Skydive Center. Nowadays, some people crave for a more thrilling and exciting adventure. If you are one of them, this is the place you should visit. Aside from skydiving, this place also offers lessons, a sales center, rides, and rigging services. They have well trained professionals to assist the visitors. It is open from March to October.

╣Project Climbing Center. It is located at South Fraser Way. The place has more than 9000 sq ft climbing surface and is probably the best rock wall you will ever see. They offer courses, group bookings, and party reservations. The place is mainly used by scouts, youth groups, and school groups. Instructors are around to assist visitors.

╣River Edge Sport Fishing. It is a place where fun fishing with family and friends awaits. As a fully licensed establishment, this fishing spot has qualified guides who will assist you during your stay. The area has five kinds of Pacific salmon, and catching all these is a great challenge for any enthusiast. If your group is lucky enough, you can also catch the white sturgeon fish.

╣Silverbrook U-catch. The place is surrounded with lush meadows, towering trees, and beautiful ponds for a perfect fishing ambiance. They always stock their ponds with live, healthy fish. At Silverbrook, there is no admission fee. Bait and poles are also free of charge. They will only charge you once you caught a fish.

╣Swiftwater Guiding. This place is for those who are looking for different fishing packages. Using a covered jet boat, their guides will take you to Fraser Valley’s best fishing spots where you can catch trouts, salmons, and sturgeons. All equipments are provided by them, so there will be a hassle-free fishing even for beginners. The package also includes meals. So if you’re on for a wonderful fishing experience, this is the perfect choice for you.

╣Abbotsford Exhibition Park. It is one of the best attractions you shouldn’t miss in this city. This 75-acre land is recognized as a world-class park. It offers many indoor and outdoor activities for all ages. Aside from the BMX track, this park also has a track and field stadium, tennis courts, facility rentals, and more. Kids will love playing at the Safari Kids Zone which is an on-site indoor playground.

╣the Clayburn Village. It is a small, isolated village located at the west of Sumas Mountain and founded in 1905. Its church, village store, school, and houses are all made of bricks. Although the village is more than a century old, its structures are still standing. When you visit the place, be sure to bring your camera and capture wonderful souvenirs.

╣the Clayburn Tea Shop. The place was founded in 1912 and sells sells different products like groceries, medicines, life insurance, and specialty foods.

╣Air tours offered by Chinook Helicopters Ltd. and Coastal Pacific Aviation. They offer air tours for family or friends at reasonable prices. They have guides on board for the best air touring experience. Enjoy the captivating view of British Columbia. Picture taking is very much allowed.

╣Abbotsford Sikh Museum. It aims to commemorate Sikh traditions and beliefs. This is the first Sikh museum built in Canada with galleries and art exhibits. Their artifacts are donated by local Indo-Canadian citizens.

╣Kariton Gallery. Visitors and its locals are allowed to buy or sell unique handcrafted works in this place. It features a lot of jewelries, paintings, wood sculptures, or anything else that is one-of-a-kind. The gallery also displays different art works of Fraser Valley Artists. This place is great for those who love collecting distinctive crafts.

╣the Reach. It is an art gallery full of various artworks, from paintings to sculptures. It aims to be the center of culture and creative innovation in Fraser Valley. The place also hosts programs and special events. The whole family can visit the place at Veterans Way.


There are 30+ tennis courts in Abbotsford that are open to the public. For those who love tennis, Abbotsford is the right place for you. Some of their courts, like those in MSA Arena, Delair Park, and Jubilee Park, have acrylic finish. Others are with asphalt surface. Several tennis courts are open for night use.