The City of Longueuil is located south of Saint Lawrence River across Montreal. This city is a combination of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. It is known as a commuter town because most residents commute to Montreal for work. It is a mixture of a city and a suburb with aerospace industries including Pratt & Whitney Canada and Canadian Space Agency. Taschereau Boulevard is also a known commercial spot in Longueuil.

Aside from the industrial and commercial region of Longueuil, there are also attractions waiting to be visited by tourists like you. The city has Plein Sud, a gallery for the masterpieces crafted by national and international artists. The Museé Marie-Rose Durocher is one of the most famous places in Longueuil that displays antique paintings. You can also enjoy nature and be active in this city by visiting recreational parks such as Parc Regional de Longueuil.


In 1657, a merchant from the nearby town Ville-Marie traveled to Longueuil. It was said that the name was taken from a village in the district of Dieppe. It was rumored that the name was supposedly Longueil, however, it was misspelled to “Longueuil”. In 1845, the town was turned into the parish Saint Antoine de Longueuil, which three years later, a portion separated from the parish and became the village of Longueuil. Longueuil became a city in 1920. The borders of Longueuil grew in the 1960’s until 2002 as it merged with nearby towns. However, in 2006, the de-amalgamation of Longueuil was announced and the merged municipalities (during 2002) were now independent municipalities again.


╣Musee Marie-Rose Durocher. This is a famous museum located inside a church. It displays paintings and other artworks from the early 19th century. Most of the artifacts are from the church’s congregation. The museum is located at 80 rue St-Charles Est.

╣La Route Verte. It is a biker’s haven, one of Longueuil's many trail parks where you can hike and camp if you are yearning for the beauty and relaxation that the outdoors can provide. This terrain offers a bike trail about 3,600 km. This cross-provincial route will pass through Québec’s towns. While enjoying a light exercise, you can see historic towns and villages as well as cosmopolitan and modern cities. Nature is also within reach as you travel by the lakes, rivers and forest.

╣Parc national des Îles-de-Boucherville. It is another site for sights and sounds. Visitors can enjoy different sports like sea kayaking and cycling. The park is also home to several plant species and wild animals like deer and herons.

╣Parc Regional de Longueuil. It is a conservation area where visitors and locals can catch a glimpse of wildlife while hiking, walking, cycling, cross-country skiing and tobogganing.

╣the finest American food at Rotisserie Saint-Hubert. You can have chicken wraps, sandwiches and other chicken delicacies. Visit the restaurant at 1901 Roland Therrien Long.

╣French gourmet restaurants. For example, L’Incredule will give you some of the modern French cuisine Longueuil can offer. Copains Gourmands make food out of fresh produce and you can enjoy them inside the cozy restaurant or outside on their terraces. Le Fleuron is another French restaurant that offers Italian and French meals for brunch, lunch and dinner. Chez Parra is for those looking for fine dining. This restaurant offers guests with sumptuous meals eaten in a private room with elegant design and high-class ambiance. Mondays to Fridays are the days to have lunch at this classy place while dinner can be at any day. If you want something sweet, you can go for Creperie Lorentaise and enjoy sweet and savory crepes.

╣Miyuki Sushi Bar. It is the only Japanese restaurant in Longueuil. If you want an Asian-inspired meal, you'll be glad to know this place offers anything Japanese: from sushi and tempura to gyoza and other special dishes. Weekends are for dinner and weekdays are for lunch.

╣various Italian restaurants in the city. Pacini should be your destination if you are longing for pasta and pizza. Specialties include thin-crust pizzas, grilled entrees and delectable pastas. They even have separate menus for children who came there with their mothers and fathers. Messina is known for their modern ambiance mixed with fine Italian meals. They also offer affordable express lunch and daily happy hours. You can also sample some of the finest wines stored in this restaurant. La Villa Bella serves the Italian classics: pizza, pasta and seafood. The restaurant is easily accessible from Montreal as well. Silva Grillades serves meals with Portuguese touch. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and the smell of grilled meats fills up the room (this might make you even hungrier though). They grill anything from meat to seafood like calamari. They also have a selection of wine to pair with these tasty grilled meals.


One of the main transportation systems in Longueuil is the Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL), a bus service provider. By train, the city has Longueuil–Université-de-Sherbrooke Metro Station and the Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT), which is responsible for the Mont-Saint-Hilaire commuter train. The train system serves people from Montreal and the south. By plane, people travel in and out of Longueuil through the Saint-Hubert Airport.

You can also rent cars so you can move around the city easily. Imperial Autocar offers car rentals by the hour, day, week or even month. They also specialize in charters and city tours.

Longueuil was once a city that was established into a parish before becoming a town. Although some of its attraction pertain to the history of the city, it also offers lots of adventures through nature parks and outdoor recreation. Longueuil is also a city that serves many people from all over the world. It is not surprising that the people of Longueuil have a mixture of cultures, inherited from many nationalities. This, however, was never a hindrance. In fact, Longueuil has a great list of food and culture you should see.