REGINA (Saskatchewan)


Regina is the capital of the province of Saskatchewan. It is considered as the second largest in the province and is recognized as the commercial and cultural center for the southern part of Saskatchewan. It has been recognized as one of the most affordable places to live and do business in North America over the past few years. The city has been able to establish the growth of existing businesses and attract new ones. If you are a tourist, you can expect a myriad of shops, boutiques and restaurants headquartered in the city.


Regina started as an agricultural community in the early days. It was a distribution point for farm materials in the region where it belongs. In the early 1880s, Regina was just a plain fertile land with a small creek and lots of potentials. It was originally called the “Pile of Bones” because the First Nation hunters who discovered it left a pile of buffalo bones before they migrated to a different area. It was then renamed as “Regina”, coined after Queen Victoria. Regina is the Latin term for Queen.

In 1882, it rapidly grew as a small village when people coming from the United States and Europe started buying fertile homesteads for as little as $10. Regina then became the capital of the Northwestern Territories. In 1903, Regina was proclaimed a city a little over two decades after it became a village. In 1905, Saskatchewan was proclaimed as a province and Regina was chosen as the capital.


╣various locally-owned shops, boutiques and malls in Regina where you will enjoy your time. Most of them are located in the Cathedral Village and Old Warehouse District.

╣the Southland Mall. It is located at the corner of Gordon and Albert is a shopping destination that also has a movie theater where you can watch the latest movies.

╣the Cornwall Center. It is a high-end shopping destination located in that part of the city where most office spaces are situated.

╣other shopping destinations across the city, like the Golden Mile Shopping Center, The Northwest,Vic East and The Normanview Mall.

╣various eating establishments in the city. If you are craving for local food, try the restaurants in Regina. The city has one of the largest ratios in terms of the number of restaurants to citizens. There are restaurants and fast food chains that offer local food cuisines as well as ethnic food cuisines that suit different tastes.

╣the Saskatchewan Science Center. The place has more than a hundred hands-on exhibits and other live stage shows that may interest you.

╣the Royal Saskatchewan Museum located at the Albert Street and College Avenue. It is a natural history museum that features the beginnings of the Saskatchewan province as well as the city of Regina. Kids will enjoy the T-Rex robot called the “Megamunch” that the museum features.

╣the Kramer IMAX Theater. If you want to experience a different kind of fun while learning about science and nature, this place is worth a visit.

╣Mackenzie Art Gallery. For lovers of art and beauty, this place will amaze you with a variety of paintings and other art collections.

╣the RCMP Heritage Center. This place educates its visitors about the story of the RCMP and its future in Canada.

╣Wascana Center. This is a huge park (9.3 square kilometers or 2300 acres) located around the shores of the man-made Wascana Lake. It is recognized as one of the largest urban parks in North America. It has several attractions within it including the Saskatchewan Science Center, the Saskatchewan Legislative Building and the Saskatchewan Center of the Arts. It also includes a pool and a marina with boat rentals.

╣Willow Island. This park is open to the public and requires no entrance fees.

╣the Victoria Park. It is a venue for many winter and summer events in the city.

╣A. E. Wilson Park. This park is great for short walks. Within it are the Rick Hansen Optimist Playground and the Jack Hamilton Arena.

╣Douglas Park. This place is where you can find the Leibel Field and the Canada Games Athletic Complex.

╣Mosaic Stadium. This is located at Taylor Field. If you want to watch football games or witness the Saskatchewan Roughriders (a team of the Canadian Football League) play, this is the place to go to.

╣the Brandt Center, also known as the Agridome. If you are into hockey, this is the place for you. You might just be able to witness the Regina Pats, or the city’s hockey team.

╣several public golf courses in the city. If you want to play golf, you will be glad Regina has these.

╣Wascana Golf & Country Club. This is a private golf course. Championship golf courses can be found at the Emerald Park and the Deer Valley Estates.

╣Casino Regina and Show Lounge. This is a venue of several live shows and performances. It gathers two million visitors every year.

╣“The Distrikt.” It is where many independent bands play. The place was formerly known as “The State”, “Channel One”, the “Schnizel House” and “The Venue”.

╣Conexus Arts Center, formerly known as the Saskatchewan Center of the Arts. If you want to see big name artists, this might be the place you are looking for.

╣Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange Society. For those who like independent bands, comedians and visual artists, you should see some of the acts in this place.

╣the Globe Theater. This place is for those who like intimate concerts.

╣Regina Symphony Orchestra. This place is for those who like listening to full-scale orchestra performances.


There are various parks in the city. What makes Regina different is that it has more green space and parks compared to any other city in the country. There are also several museums in the city. For those who are interested with educational and historical trips, you can choose among the many museums in the city.