RICHMOND (British Columbia)


The officials of Richmond do their best to make the city the most livable, well-managed and appealing place in Canada. In fact, it has received several awards for its innovation and cleanliness management. From being a fishing village over 25 years ago, it has rapidly developed into a city that has become home to Asian, European and African immigrants. The city now has several high-rise towers and shopping malls like those in Hong Kong.


In the early days, the area of Richmond served as a temporary camp to the First Nations people. The people who first settled in the area originally came to fish and collect berries. Richmond was named after a local farmstead that was established by a certain man named Hugh McRoberts. The wife of the first reeve of Richmond claimed that the city was named in honor of her birthplace, which is Richmond, England. However, historians were able to prove that this is false.

On the year 1879, Richmond was declared as a District Municipality and since then, the officials had worked hard for its development. Finally in 1990, it was designated as a city.


╣the International Buddhist Temple. You should know it is considered as the largest temple of its kind in North America and is visited by many Buddhists in the city. It is known for the attention to detail that the architects showed with the Chinese art pieces, calligraphy, murals and statues displayed around it. It has a gazebo, stone bridge, lotus ponds and dragon fountains. Even if you are not a Buddhist, the temple accepts guided tours in it. It has a cafeteria inside that serves Chinese cuisines, as well as a gift shop that sells numerous Buddhist items.

╣No. 5 Road Religion Shrine. It is a portion of a road in Richmond that has several religious shrines. This is where several temples are located. Among these are the Guru Nanak Sikh Temple, Jama Masjid, Vedic Hindu Society and a small Jewish day school. Visiting this part of Richmond will allow you to learn about other religions while you are in the city.

╣Gulf of Georgia Cannery. This is a national historic site that is open from the month of May to mid-October. It is also a National Historic Site that commemorates the important history of the country’s fishing industry in the West Coast.

╣River Port. It is a commercial zone where you can do fun activities such as bowling, swimming in the indoor waterpark or watching 4D movies at the IMAX Theater.

╣the Sanduz Estate Wines. If you like to try a different kind of activity, this is the place for you. It offers wines for tasting and purchase. They have different kinds of fruit wines available at affordable prices. This winery manufactures wines that have less sugar and acidity, which are good for your health.

╣Blossom Winery. This is another winery in Richmond which is not very far from the Sanduz Estates Wines. The place serves a different kind of wine to give you a dining experience that is extraordinary.

╣TBC Indoor Cart Racing. A thrilling kind of fun is what this place will give you. If you have never tried this kind of activity, then it is high time to try it in Richmond.

╣Canada day celebration. The city celebrates this day together with the whole country every first of July. This festival is recognized as the most important day of the year because it is the Canadians’ celebration of freedom.

╣Steveston Salmon Festival. This is also celebrated on the first of July. Highlights of the festival are the parade and a huge salmon sale in the Steveston Community Center. Many locals from other parts of Canada attend this event to join the parade or to simply hand out Canadian Flags to celebrate the day of the country.

╣celebrations held every weekend during summer held at the Richmond Night Market. Many of these events feature live entertainment as vendors sell gadgets, clothes, toys and food.

╣the Richmond Center Mall. This is the largest shopping area in the city. It has 240 stores so you can indulge yourself in shopping for as long as you want.

╣Richmond Night Market. If you want to be able to haggle with the prices, this is the pace for you. This is where you can find several items for sale. This is ideal for those who are too busy in the morning or those who simply don’t like shopping during the day.

╣Steveston Village. This is another popular tourist shopping area where you can find small niche shops, specialty stores and regular boutiques.

╣Lansdowne Mall. If you want a mall that has a decent number of shops without being too crowded, you may want to consider this place. Shops here include Best Buy, Zellers, Futureshop and many other stores. Other shopping destinations include the Aberdeen Center, Union Square, Yaohan Center and Parker Place Shopping Center.

╣various places to dine in Richmond. The city has restaurants that serve different types of cuisines that locals and tourists enjoy. These cuisines suit Asian, American, European and other tastes. If you want to try a different dining experience, you can try #9 Restaurant, Fukuroku, Pajos, Parker Place, Harvey’s and Richmond Public Market.

╣several high-end restaurants that serve authentic international cuisines. You may try the Neptune Seafood Restaurant, Steveston Pizza Co., Papi’s Ristorante Italiano, Tapenade Bistro, Thai House Richmond and Sun Sui Wah.


Don’t be surprised when the cab driver tells you the nearest airport in Richmond is the Vancouver International Airport. The airport itself has several domestic and international flights to many parts of the world. If you are coming from another country, you can simply book a flight to this airport and ride a cab or rent a car to get to Richmond. The city has a well-organized transport system so you will not find it difficult to get around the city to see some of the sights and happenings.