Found in the southern part of Québec, Sherbrooke is the sixth largest city of the province and is holding the thirtieth spot among the largest cities in Canada. The city is known to be the primary contributor in the economic, cultural, institutional, and political aspects of Estrie. It was in 1793 when American loyalists first settled in the city and recognized it as the Queen of Eastern Townships. Originally, Sherbrooke is an English-speaking city before its inhabitants became French-speaking.

Lakes, rivers, and mountains surround the entire region of Sherbrooke. Regardless of its long, snowy winters, and short, hot summers, the large variation of tourist attractions, fun activities, and places to stay will surely make your vacation worthwhile. There is always a room for everyone in Sherbrooke. With various pleasurable activities and tourist attractions, age, gender, and even personality will not be an interruption to the fun. Skiing, fishing, canoeing, and biking are perfect for outgoing and adventurous people. Museums, parks, and festivals are perfect for families and school groups. Great places to stay are available to end up your long, tiring day.


Sherbrooke was founded in the late 18th century, originally known as Hyatt's Mills. Its name in honor of Gilbert Hyatt, one of the American Loyalists who fled the United after the defeat of the British Monarchy in the American Revolution. Hyatt was a visionary and built many bridges and mills in the area during a time when the area was all covered with wilderness. The city was renamed in 1818 after the Sir John Sherbrooke, a soldier of the British army who became Nova Scotia's Lieutenant Governor and Governor General of North America.

In 2002, Sherbrooke grew in size and population through its merger with the surrounding cities, namely Ascot, Deauville, Bromptonville, Fleurimont, Rock Forest, Saint-Élie-d'Orford, and Lennoxville.


╣various ski areas. Known to be popular in downhill skiing, the city offers the best vertical drop for all kinds of skiers – from beginners to experts. Lit runs, tube sliding, and equipment rentals are also available to make each stay fulfilling to all tourists. The Mont Bellevue’s 80 m vertical drop is one of the finest ski hills to try. It is the largest park in the city which is perfect for winter activities such as alpine and cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, and inner tubing. You can also enjoy the adventure in La Routte Verte, Parc Lucien Blanchard, and Parc National de Frontenac which also offers a good spot for biking, canoeing, fishing, and hiking.

╣numerous golf courses. This city not only offers best ski spots but wide golf courses as well. Most of their golf courses are open to the public, while some are semi-private. Play golf with friends in the Club de Golf Longchamp Course. Located at the center of the city, this 18-hole course is the most popular spot for golfers in Sherbrooke. Its wide greens make the activity pleasurable and relaxing. You can have dinner after your round because there are many existing restaurants around. You can also play golf in Club de Golf Milby, The Old Lenoxville Golf Club, and Base de Pleine Air Balvedere.

╣Sanctuaire de Beauvoir. It is one of the many religious sites all over the city. The solemnity and holiness of Sanctuaire de Beauvoir are a great relaxing getaway for the family. The place has a church and an outdoor chapel for those who want to say prayers or hear mass. Visitors can also enjoy the wonderful mountain views, soaring trees, and green meadows during their visit. Shops, restaurants, and cafeterias are available for those who crave for food and refreshments.

╣the Musee de la Nature et des Sciences (Museum of Science and Nature). It allows visitors to enjoy permanent and thematic exhibits through multimedia presentation, workshops, and interactive games. Made with two floors and four exhibit areas, the museum holds about 65,000 artifacts relating to science and nature. Aside from high, winding hills during the winter season, exploring the city’s historical and cultural side is also a fascinating experience for families or groups of friends.

╣Musee des Beaux-Arts de Sherbrooke. It has a compilation of over 4,000 works, which focus more on the art of Eastern Township since its beginning in the 19th century. Enjoy drawing classes, workshops, and artwork appraisals held in their exhibition halls during fall or winter season. Take home souvenirs from the museum boutique which offers artworks made by local artists at reasonable prices. Tours are offered in English or French.

╣the Sale Maurice-O’ Bready and the Theater Granada Salle Sylvio-Lacharite are the best place for music lovers. Thousands of people from all over the world are attracted to the musical performances and theatrical productions in these venues every year.

╣Traditions of the World Festival. It is one of the biggest of the many festivals held in this city to complete their traditional ethnicity. The Traditions of the World Festival aims to celebrate different ethnic traditions and cultures of people around the world. Food tasting, artwork presentations, and musical performances are only some of the great activities to try during this festival. No culture would be complete without festivals. Aside from entertainment, festivals unite people in a local community.

╣Omaterra-Le Grand Spectacle de l’Eau. The whole family will surely be amazed with this festival. Comedic, acrobatic, and dance performances are presented in a magical world of water during August in this Theater. This is great for kids and those young at heart.

╣Fete du Lac des Nations. It is another popular festival in Sherbrooke where people from the different provinces compete by firework presentations to take home the Coup des Dieux trophy. It is all about fun during this festival because the entire group can also enjoy midway rides, craft stalls and more.

╣Québec Concert Bands and Symphonic Orchestras Festival. Enjoy listening to jazz, popular, and classical music played by best music artists during the festival. You’ll definitely fall in love with the beauty of music as more than 10,000 musicians play continuously in group or in solo performance.


One of the best hotels found in the city is the Grand Times Hotel. This 4-star hotel serves visitors with continental breakfast as well as lunch. Your kids can enjoy the indoor pool while you are having a cup of brewed coffee in their cafe shop. They also have a gym and a bar for your recreational activity. You are always open to ask their multilingual staffs for assistance.

Located in Sherbrooke’s Rock Forest, the Delta Sherbrooke is also a fascinating place for the entire family to spend the night. With 178 guest rooms, some of their facilities open for visitors are indoor pool, fitness center, spa tub, and steam room. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Quality Hotel and Suites and the Hotllerie Jardins de Ville is also open for accommodations. Both serve breakfast and lunch, have multi-lingual staffs, and offer currency exchange. These hotels have beautiful scenery and classy interiors.