With a population of 131,400 last 2011, St. Catharines is the largest city in the Niagara Region. As Ontario’s sixth biggest urban area, this city has 1,000 acres of trails, parks, and gardens. The city has a humid continental climate which belongs to the Koppen Climate classification. Warm summers and frost-free winters are experienced in the city. Call centers are abundant here because the city is located on one of the major internet backbones of US and Canada. People in the city are called St. Cathariners.

In your visit to St. Catharines, be sure to get a comfortable place for your family or friends to stay to have a truly enjoyable experience.


St. Catharines was home to American Loyalists in the 18th century. Farming quickly became a major economic activity in the area because of its fertile soil. In the mid-1800s, St. Catharines also became a place of refuge for slaves who escaped their US during the American Civil War using the Underground Railroad. St. Catharines officially became a town in 1845 and as a city 30 years later.


╣Liberty Bicycles. If you like to go biking with friends or family, this is the place you should go to. It is in Bond Street near the bus terminal. The establishment accepts credit cards and offers bike rentals, repairs, and a bicycle parts store. They also have fun activities like races and group rides.

╣Garden City Golf Course. It is an 18-hole golf course that is open for beginners and advanced golfers. They offer equipment rentals like clubs, and pushcarts. There are restaurants around the area so you can eat after your round. Credit cards are also accepted in this establishment.

╣Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours. Exploring the city on boats is definitely a fascinating experience! Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours lets you enjoy traveling around Niagara River with the entire family. Its capacity is great for large groups. They feature two different trips; the ‘Wet Jet” and the “Jet Dome.” Enjoy the splashes, waves, and the beautiful scenario of Niagara River as you ride on one of their jet boats.

╣Niagara Fishing Adventures. Catch trouts and salmons with your own equipment or by renting one from the establishment. This fishing area offers cleaning and freezing services, lunch, beverages, and boats. You can also take pictures of the surrounding view for souvenirs. Fishing here runs throughout spring season.

╣St. Catharines Museum and Welland Canals Center. It is one of the most popular places in this city. The place’s main attraction is the large ship which transits the canals during the months of April to December. Visiting this wonderful attraction gives you the chance to see and know more about the canals’ past as well as its present through interactive displays and computer programs. The whole family can also have a picnic at the park or visit the St. Catharines Museum. Some of the museum’s exhibits feature Welland Canal, special traveling, and the popular “Follow the North Star.” They also hold spectacular events and workshops here. Additional facilities of the place include parking space, restaurants, and washrooms. You can also bring your pets along.

╣Rodman Hall Arts Center. It is for tourists who find art galleries and cultural events more pleasurable than other outdoor recreations. This art gallery has 850 contemporary as well as historic art works, which are open for public viewing. They feature works of national, local, regional, and international artists. There are lots of spectacular creations to see in this building – sculptures, paintings, drawings, and more.

╣the Niagara Artist Center. The center is one of the oldest artist-run centers in Canada. The place features contemporary artworks of local and popular artists.

╣Sullivan Mahoney Courthouse Theater. It is a place where you can enjoy Theater plays, musical presentations, dances, and other cultural events. Different events and presentations are performed in this Theater. Some of the best-known theater performers featured here are Theater Beyond Words, Niagara Dance Company, and Lyndesfarne Theater Projects.


St. Catharines has a room for all types of visitors. It has various accommodations to suit the needs, budget, and wants of their guests. Campgrounds, hotels, inns, and B&B are all here in the city. Even visitors with a smaller budget will surely have a nice place to spend the night. The whole group can stay at Tudor Creek House Bed & Breakfast any time of the year. They offer clean, comfortable rooms to all visitors and serve a four meal breakfast in their dining room. You will be just a few minutes away from some tourist attractions when you choose to get a reservation from this reputable hotel.

Another quality inn you can choose to stay in this city is the Best Western Beacon Harbourside. With 62 guest rooms, this hotel also offers five conference rooms for private occasions, a dining room, an outdoor patio, sports bar and more. They are open for reservation and are accepting credit cards. They are perfect for families because they charge decently.

The Comfort Inn, Best Inn, and the Holiday Inn & Suites Parkway Convention Center are also the preferred accommodations in the city. These are inexpensive hotels, which accept credit cards and with free internet connection, parking area, and restaurants on site.

Those who prefer to camp can go to Shangri-La Niagara Family Campground. This campground accepts large groups so it’s definitely perfect for families or school groups. They have a parking area and a pool. They are open for reservations and accept credit cards as well. In this campground, you will be able to enjoy the view of wonderful vineyards and exquisite wineries. The place is only a few minutes away from Niagara Falls and Lake Ontario so campers will have more places to explore.

The Big Valley Resort is also another known campground in this city. It has 110 sites, hot tubs, a pool, a parking area, and a tennis court. Every member of the family will surely have something fun and exciting to do here in Big Valley Resort. The place is only ten minutes away from Niagara Falls.