Trois-Rivières belongs to the region of Maurice in Québec, Canada. It is located near St. Maurice and St. Lawrence Rivers. After Québec City settled in 1608, Trois-Rivières followed in July 1634. This city is the center of economic and cultural aspects of the entire Maurice region. It is classified with a humid continental climate. The area has long snowy winters and warm summers. Spring as well as autumn is short and crisp. People in this place are called Trifluvians.

Trois-Rivières is the oldest industrial city of Canada. Its first foundry, which produces metal and iron, was established in 1738. Most of the metals are shipped to France for building Royal Navy ships. The city is also recognized as the world’s main provider of pulp and paper. Metal transformations, cabinet making, food crops, electronics and thermoplastics are also some of the city’s famous industries.


The city was founded in the 1630, making it one of the oldest cities in the country. The area had an important role during the early settlement and colonization of Canada, as well as the Christianization of the natives. The city continued to be a major part of French colonization of the country until a great fire almost destroyed all its buildings and structures in the early 1900s. As it was, some of Trois Rivières remained but several buildings, many of them built during the French colonial period, were destroyed. The city is still considered an important commercial and trade center in Québec, although the spotlight has since moved to Montreal and Québec City.


╣Festi Voix de Trois-Rivières. This is a music festival that is celebrated every summer in 10 consecutive days. It is very popular in the place that it attracts more than 300,000 tourists every year. Other famous festivals celebrated in this city during November are the International de la Poésie Festival and MetalFest de Trois-Rivières. Because the city is also officially recognized as Québec’s capital in the field of poetry, its locals celebrate a festival to honor this title every October. They have many plaques with poetic verses installed at the center of Trois-Rivières.

╣Trois-Rivières Harbor Park. It is a place where family can enjoy skating, cycling, playing, and running around Trois-Rivières Harbor Park. Every winter, the park opens its skating rink accessible by everyone. The Pulp and Paper Industry Exhibition Center is also located there.

╣Saint Quentin Island Park. The place offers its visitors different fun activities to do such as swimming, rock-climbing, ice skating, cross-country skiing, canoeing, snowshoeing, and volleyball. The park has a beach, a wading pool, and an outdoor pool. Visitors can also use their hockey rink and playground. They offer equipment rentals so everyone would really have a fun time during their visit. You can easily grab snacks and refreshments because the place has lots of food stores around.

╣Parc Champlain. This is a place for those who want to go for a stroll and relax. It is a busy city park which is open for everyone. This is a nice place to walk, run, cycle, play Frisbee and more.

╣the St. Lawrence River. It is among the greatest rivers of the world. Its source of freshwater is from the Great Lakes. The river is widely used for shipping into North America. Many are captivated with the small islands scattered in the river which are known as the Thousand Islands.

╣the St. Maurice River. This river flows into the mighty St. Lawrence River. Its source is believed to be in the mountains. Before this river became Québec’s hydroelectric power source, it was once used by the logging industry and fur traders.

╣Piscine a Vagues H2O. It is a place for you to swim with your friends or family. It is the largest wave pool in Québec that has a 1500-person capacity. Everyone will truly enjoy its big waves and heated water. Tables and deck chairs are around the pool so visitors will have a place for eating. The resort has six lifeguards for everyone’s safety.

╣the Center Sportif Alphonse Desjardins. It is a 235,000 sq ft. sport center, which hosts provincial, national and even international competitions. It has a boxing ring, a football field, hockey rink, and more. The center aims to make sports viewing possible for everyone.

╣Air tours by the Hydravion Aventure. They are definitely fun and memorable and provide visitors of the city with a wonderful adventure. Air touring allows you to see the fascinating view of the Maurice region and St. Lawrence Valley. They offer various day tour packages like a stop at a certain restaurant or a night in an Indian village.

╣Club Mulitvoile 4 Saisons. The place offers different activities such as swimming, summer sailing, and winter sailing. Equipments like sailboards, kayaks, kites, and kite wings can be rented here. Sports events are also held in this place sometimes. Accommodations, like dormitory and campsites, are available.

╣the Old Prison of Trois-Rivières. This is definitely unlike other museums out there. Visitors will be having a trip inside an old, dim prison. Going through its cells is something you will really find intriguing. Take home a prison card with your finger print and photo. It is open year-round and welcomes kids of all ages.

╣Borealis. This is a pulp and paper industry center, which offers its visitors great interactive technology. Bring your camera along because the historic site is full of captivating works inside. The entire group will never get bored because it features underground vaults, an imposing lookout tower, an exclusive terrace, and a concept boutique.

╣various historic sites in the city, including the Trois-Rivières’ Military Museum, Musee Québecois de Culture Populaire, Musee des Filles de Jesus and Musee Pierre Boucher.


Some of the best hotels and motels you can find in this city are Delta Trois-Rivière, Hotel Gouverneur, Auberg du Lac Saint Pierre, and Hotel Les Suites de Laviolette. These all feature clean and quiet rooms, parking area, fast internet connection, and pool. For visitors who have smaller budget or who prefer the comfort of bed and breakfast inns, try to get a reservation at Marson Parc de Lomier, Gite Soleil Levant, Manoir DeBlois, or Le Gite Loiselle B&B. All have cozy rooms and serve delicious, warm breakfast. Camping H2O, Camping Les Forges, and Camping La Rochelle are only some of the popular campgrounds in this city. All these campsites have a swimming pool to make each stay more rewarding and fun. It’s the perfect place for those who love both nature and adventure.