VAUGHAN (Ontario)


The city of Vaughan is located along the Northern Toronto border. This is a small city (according to population), however, do not let the numbers fool you. Even other larger cities cannot compare with the attractions and events Vaughan has to offer. It is home to Canada’s largest theme park, Canada’s Wonderland, where over hundreds of attractions and rides can be explored. The city welcomes millions of visitors every year because of this attraction. Vaughan also offers a lot of greenery and wildlife for your hiking and camping experience.


The City of Vaughan was first populated by a group of people Huron Village. The first European to set foot on Vaughan was a Frenchman in 1615. The township and settlement were later formed in 1792. The city was named after the British Commissioner, Benjamin Vaughan. In 1783, he signed the peace treaty, Peace of Paris, which ended the American Revolutionary War. Vaughan was once part of a large land that was purchased by the British Government. Benjamin Vaughan, with Richard Oswald, rejected the proposed transfer of Vaughan to the United States. Vaughan, thus, remains to be a city that was secured because of the Commissioner’s diplomacy.

The first settlers of Vaughan knew agriculture and this became a major form of living. As the number of immigrants grew, the market grew with it. Agriculturists were joined by traders. When the Second World War broke, the population of Vaughan grew even more and the city became the home for many Italians, Jews and Eastern Europeans.


╣Kleinburg Village. If you want to witness how Vaughan looked during the 1800s, you should see the Village of Kleinburg at Islington Avenue. The village was established in 1848 and many of its original buildings still stand. You can celebrate with the villagers as they hold the Binder Twine Festival. You can also visit shops and restaurants while traveling.

╣Black Creek Pioneer Village at Murray Ross Parkway, Toronto. The buildings you will see here are restored but were originally made in the 1860s. You will see how craftsmen (blacksmiths, tinsmiths, clockworks, etc.) used to work.

╣Ontario Soccer Center. It's a 130,000 square feet facility located at Martingrove Road. It has witnessed many sports like soccer, lacrosse, rugby, hockey, even lawn bowling. The center includes a sports therapy clinic, a relaxing lounge and restaurant.

╣Uplands Golf Club. It's a vintage course established in 1922 and designed by renowned Stanley Thompson. The now 9-hole public course was previously an 18-hole. Nevertheless, the captivating scenery of the golf course makes it a favorite place to hold tournaments and golf clinics. It is located at Uplands Avenue, Thornhill.

╣Copper Creek Golf Club. This club house is beautifully situated in the Humber River Valley. The club was designed by Doug Carrick as a championship golf course, which can accommodate up to 550 people. You can also reserve the place for special events.

╣Lucky Strike Lanes at 1 Bass Pro Mills Drive. It offers 22 hi-tech lanes for an entertainment like no other. This bowling alley also offers a billiard area, VIP lounge, restaurant and bar, and private suites.

╣Paramount Canada’s Wonderland. It is Canada’s largest theme park. This huge amusement park offers you thrilling rides rated from low thrill to aggressive thrill. They have family rides such as the Antique Carrousel, which is almost a hundred years old. There are rides that will turn and throw like the Klockwerks, Krachenwagon, Spinovator, and The Rage. The park also has a bunch of “tweaked” rollercoaster such as the Silver Streak and The Fly, the Timberwolf Falls, and White Water Canyon. These rides are rated moderately thrilling. If you are up for the extreme rides, then the Thrill Rides are for you. Sample some of the craziest ride ideas like the Leviathan (the biggest and tallest rollercoaster in the world!) and the Behemoth (230 feet tall, plunges at 75 degrees, and speeds up to 125km per hour). This part of the park also has the Flight Deck (Canada’s only inverted looping jet coaster), the Night Mares (tilted at 90° while spinning; you will be riding this standing up) and Time Warp (Canada’s only flying coaster). The WindSeeker (ascends 301 feet, swings riders at 45°, reaches speeds up to 50 kms per hour) is also an aggressively thrilling ride. If you are up for stomach-turning, adrenaline-pumping whirl rides, you definitely need to visit Wonderland.

╣Boyd Conservation Area at Islington Avenue. It is a vast land of protected woodland. This area in the Humber River Valley is an ideal setup for picnics and relaxation.

╣Kortright Conservation Area. It is nature you can enjoy. It has trails, forests, meadows and marshes. This conservation area focuses on renewable energy. You can learn a lot by joining workshops held here. During early spring, Maple Syrup Festival is held here.

╣Magnotta Winery. It welcomes guests and tours them within the 60,000 square-foot facility, including the brewery and the underground cellar. Just by looking at the building is like a tour on its own. It is designed by national artists A.Y. Jackson and A. Lismer of Canada’s Group of Seven. The winery also has a boutique where you can have wine tasting and purchase a bottle or two.

╣Vinoteca Inc. Premium Winery. This establishment has been making wines since 1989 and their products are acclaimed worldwide. They also offer tours and wine tasting. For special occasions, you can have your selection of wine labeled according to your preference.

╣Milan Wineries. It produces wine from century old, family tradition. They offer wine tasting and tours all year round.

╣Cilento Wines. The establishment offers award-winning wines made from their California mission style building. They sell and provide wine tasting for you.


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Vaughan is a celebration of diversity. The city might be smaller compared to its neighbors but it is packed with wonderful sights and attraction. Be sure to book early (for accommodation and vehicle rentals) because Vaughan caters to several tourists all year long.