WINDSOR (Ontario)


If you visit Windsor, you will notice the diverse cultures in it. You will hear English, Arabic, French and Italian in every corner of the city. On the west of downtown Windsor is an area of strong Asian influences. On the east side of the downtown area you will find a large Lebanese community while on the southeast you will find a small Italian community with surrounding Italian restaurants and shops. The city has been able to accommodate the needs of foreigners and expats staying in Windsor.

Windsor is a cultural city located in Ontario, Canada. More than 20 percent of its population is not from Canada, so you can say that many foreigners have fallen in love with the city and has made it their permanent home.


Windsor was first inhabited by the Native Americans and the First Nations people. In 1749, it became an agricultural settlement of the French. The area was called the Petite Côte, which means “little coast”. Later, the name was changed to La Côte de Misère, which means “poverty coast”. Come 1749 right after the American Revolution, it was renamed to “Windsor”, which was coined after a town located in Berkshire, England.

Today, the oldest buildings in the city still exist including the Mackenzie Hall. The hall was built in 1855 and served as the Essex County Courthouse. Windsor was proclaimed as a village in 1854 and then became a town in the year 1858. It was eventually proclaimed as a city in 1892.


╣various parks in the city. Look for these places if you need to relax and see more of the beauty of Windsor, such as the Odette Sculpture Park, Willstead Park, Dieppe Gardens, Queen Elizabeth II Gardens in Jackson Park and Pillette Park.

╣Willistead Manor at the Niagara Street. It is a 36-room mansion that is an important part of the history of Windsor. The mansion was built by Edward Chandler Walker exclusively for his brother. Time passed and it became one of the most known tourist destinations in Windsor.

╣various historical places that you may visit, including the Hiram Walkers Distillery and the Mackenzie Hall.

╣Art Gallery of Windsor. It is a small art museum with interesting pieces for exhibit. If museums interest you or if you are in Windsor for an educational trip, you should visit this place.

╣the Canada South Science City. This is a science-related exhibit ideal for children and science enthusiasts.

╣the Serbian Heritage Museum. This is another tourist destination for those who are interested about the Serbian heritage and how it has influenced the culture of Windsor.

╣the Windsor Community Museum. It will awe you with Windsor’s history as a town until it emerged as a city.

╣Windsor International Film Festival. This festival is celebrated every month of November to showcase the works of international filmmakers from the city. It goes on for a week while the movie houses in the city temporarily cancel foreign films and exclusively offer films that are part of the festival.

╣the “Bluefest International”. This is a 4-day festival that promotes the blues genre with international and local artists performing in the city.

╣the Windsor Emancipation Celebration Festival. This is a celebration of freedom for the Windsor locals. It is held during the first weekend of August and is considered as the largest outdoor festival of its kind in all of North America. It is celebrated with colorful parades usually making its way to the Jackson Park celebration grounds where you will see locals and tourists alike. It is special for the locals of Windsor because this is when family reunions and community-wide barbeques are held. It basically binds the people of Windsor as they celebrate the freedom that they have today. In the past years, many well-known personalities have celebrated with the city, including George Washington, Martin Luther King, Diana Ross, Eleanor Roosevelt and many other celebrities.

╣several shopping destinations in the city. Whatever you want to shop for, you will surely find something that will fit everything that you want. You may visit the Windsor Crossing Premium Outlets where you will find boutiques and stores that will interest you. Foreigners may enjoy shopping in the ambassador Duty Free Store or the Windsor Tunnel Duty Free Shop where you can find imported goods.

╣Holland Consignment Shoppe. If you want to be more adventurous with your shopping, you may find interesting finds at this place.

╣Devonshire Mall .If you simply want to go shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories or bags, choose among international brands as well as local brands that you will not see in other countries.

╣various dining places in the city. Many establishments serve fast food include Sam’s Pizzeria and Cantina, Bozii, Sir Cedric’s Fish & Chips., Michael’s Restaurant, May Wah Inn, Wah Court and Terra Cotta Pizzera a La Rogue. Restaurants include Fuji Japanese Restaurant, La Cuisine, Cook’s Shop Restaurant, India Palace Sweet Restaurant, Mezzo Ristorante and the MamO Bistro. Whatever your taste, you will surely find something that will suit your preferences.


The Windsor Airport is the main airport that serves the city. However, most tourists travel to the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport or other international airports in Canada especially if they are coming from another country. The Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport serves daily flights to Michigan, Romulus and other parts of the Unites States. Both airports have daily flights to and from several local destinations.

Windsor experiences a humid continental climate and has four distinct seasons. The best time to travel to the city is during the late summer but the weather can be hot, sultry and humid. Summer season is from May to August, but it is better to visit the place on the late summer months. The hottest month in the city is July and the coldest is January. Windsor is known for the warmest fall season in Canada during the months of September to November.