Canada Motels

Going on a sight-seeing trip to Canada? Staying at a motel may be the best option for you, especially if you are with family or friends. Also, if you are part of a sight-seeing tour, you may only need your accommodations as a place to keep your gear and to sleep, so you might not be able to take advantage of some amenities offered in hotels and other luxurious accommodations.

If you want to book a respectable motel in Canada to suit your needs, you came to the right place! Let us in Canada Travel Guide help you. Motels can be found in every part of the country but you will find that the price of a room can vary depending on where and what time of the year it is. Expect to pay more than $100 for a night's stay in the city, as opposed to about $60 in the rural areas. Prices can also rise during the summer from May to August, which is the peak-season for tourists. Although tourists do visit Canada all year round, many tourist attractions close during the winter.

If you think you only need to know the price range when choosing the best motel for you, you better think again. Having a plan is a sure-fire way to get the best room that will give you the most comfortable rest you can have during your trip.

Have you heard of a carnival or festival being planned in the place where you are going? You should keep in mind that motels and other accommodations tend to fill up quickly when there is an event scheduled in the place you are going to visit. If at all possible, plan your vacations during the off-season months from November to April to make sure you get the ideal motel room. If you are traveling with an elderly or handicapped person, then a first-floor room with the required facilities is best. Is the motel near busy streets, railroad tracks or a construction site? Does the motel have a reception or conference hall? Make sure you do not stay in a room near these noisemakers so you'll be sure to have a comfortable sleep.

Before booking a room, you should also make it a point to know if a motel offers special rates for corporate guests, senior citizens or retired military personnel. Does it also offer personalized amenities, such as free complimentary drinks or letting children stay free of charge? Also, make sure that the establishment is a member of the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), or its affiliate American Automobile Association (AAA). If you are a cardholder of these organizations, member motels can give you up to 50 percent discount on rates.

You will be glad to know that you can find an available motel in Canada throughout the year. Just let us know which of Canada's 10 provinces and three territories you are interested in visiting. We have information on motels and other establishments in the area, their rates and other reservation details. Just stay put and leave the worrying to us.

Motel Canada listings showcase motels that offer visitors personal and friendly service. Many motels in Canada offer personalized amenity options. Whether your child stays free, or you get complimentary coffee, motels make your stay as convenient as possible all year round.