Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland is on the east coast of Canada, and is a paradise for visitors. The rugged coastline and wild interior provide many activities in the outdoors. The many galleries, festivals, and museums are also interesting to see.

Activities in Newfoundland are all around, from biking and whale-watching, to skiing and bird-watching the outdoors is great fun. Golfing and boat rentals as well as adventure tours are available.

Newfoundland is full of activities for any visitor. Many tours and packages are available for your vacation. From the indoors to the outdoors this province is a great place to visit.

Population: 518, 955 (Statistics Canada 2004)
Capital City: St John's
Entered Confederation: March 31, 1949
Main Newfoundland and Labrador Industries: exports, tourism
General Information: Newfoundland and Labrador is Canada's most easterly province.
Language: English
Major Travel Regions: St John's, Cape Spear, Avalon Peninsula


Newfoundland accommodations will satisfy your holiday needs.


Newfoundland fishing is the best in Canada. Whether fly fishing for trout or wilderness sport fishing for wild Atlantic salmon, the best vacation is here.

Vacation options are plenty in Newfoundland. Lodges, cabin rentals, and cottages, are all available for your overnight needs. Guides offer many trips as well, from fly fishing to conventional fresh or saltwater fishing.

Newfoundland fishing vacation packages include guides, accommodations, boat rentals, gear and tackle, and rain gear. Canoe fishing trips and multiple night specials for small groups can be found.

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing in Newfoundland is a thrilling way to spend a vacation outdoors. The highest quality fly fishing is found in these true wilderness areas.

Guided fly fishing trips are a great adventure in Newfoundland. The variety of species found includes some of the finest Atlantic salmon. Fishing equipment is offered at no extra charge to those who need it, at some lodges.

Fly fishing trips in Newfoundland offer food and accommodations. Guided trips can be planned with skill level in mind. Family trips can be booked.


Golf in Newfoundland provides a spectacular view while teeing off for your favorite sport. Whether on the coast with the sight of majestic icebergs and whales behind you, or in the interior with towering forests overhead, this golfing experience will be unforgettable.

Golf courses in Newfoundland are found everywhere, with private, semi-private, and public courses available. Amenities include banquet and restaurant facilities, lodging, club and cart rentals, and lessons for all skill levels.

Golf in Newfoundland vacation packages are available for all group sizes. Accommodations, transportation, and multiple course passes can be part of your package. Lessons for the whole family can also be included.


List of Attractions, be sure to visit them in Newfoundlands, click here.


Newfoundland motels can be found close to major points of interest for tourists.


Newfoundland tours are exciting in every season. Visitors to the area will enjoy the professional guides and options for exploring this beautiful territory.

Tour operators in Newfoundland offer skiing, camping, sea kayaking, and snowmobile tours. Families are welcome for some tours. Sailing and overnight charters can be found.

Newfoundland tours offer many packages for many interests. Meals, accommodations, and guides can all be included in packages. Two hour to multiple night tours can be found.