Calgary is an exciting city located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in the province of Alberta. The city of Calgary is clean and safe with lots of open green space, bike paths, and walking paths along the river. Its close proximity to the Rocky Mountains makes it a great home base for a day trip to the Banff National Park.

Calgary has a variety of unique attractions that captures the interest of its visitors. Some of the main attractions in Calgary include the Calgary Tower, Canada Olympic Park, and the well known Calgary Stampede, which draws over a million people each year.

If you decide to make Calgary your vacation destination you will not be disappointed. Enjoy Calgary's unique restaurants, shopping, theatres, galleries, symphonies, ballets, concerts, and dazzling nightlife.


There are many different types of vacation accommodations to choose from in Calgary. Travelers can select to stay at one of the 1000s of hotels, motels, lodges, ranches or hostels available for short and long-term stay.

Vacation accommodations are located throughout the city and its surrounding areas. They are priced from affordable to high depending on the tourism season.

There are peak tourism periods in Calgary when advance reservations are required. One of the busiest periods is during the Calgary Stampede. During the Stampede, finding last minute accommodations is extremely difficult.


Calgary's location close to the Rocky Mountains makes it a great location for adventure activities. It provides a natural playground where thrill seekers and adventures can find exciting activities.

There are many adventure tours located in Calgary. They offer every variety of half, full and multi day excursions.

Adventure packages and customized trips are available to different areas of Alberta. Packages and trips include transportation, accommodations, gear, safety equipment, and professional guides.


Backpacking trips are available in Calgary that appeal to all skill levels and fit a variety of vacation budgets.

Custom packages are available from 1 to 10 days. They include guided camping and hiking tours for couples and small groups to the Canadian Rockies, including Jasper and Banff.

Packages include transportation, park fees, meals, professional guide, and camping gear. Tour options included horseback riding, whitewater rafting, or mountain biking.

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and breakfasts offer personalized charm and a unique setting when staying overnight in Calgary. They are an inexpensive alternative to staying in hotels and motels.

You can find bed and breakfasts locations almost anywhere in Calgary. They are located in private residential homes throughout the city and its surrounding areas.

Travelers to Calgary have a wide variety of bed and breakfasts to choose from, some even specialize and cater to business travelers. Whichever type you choose, they all offer great food and beautiful rooms.


Camping trips combine sightseeing with day hikes and fun activities. Moderate camping trips and backcountry excursions into the Canadian Rockies are available that appeal to all skill levels and fit vacation budgets.

Customized group trips are available for overnight to 21 day camping tours. Campers select from a variety of packages available to different areas of the Canadian Rockies.

All camping packages include completely outfitted trips, transportation, meals, and a knowledgeable guide. Camping options include horseback riding, whitewater rafting, and kayaking.


Calgary festivals include the Calgary Jazz Festival and The Calgary Stampede.

Calgary Folk Music Festival June 22 - 25, 2004
Calgary International Children's Festival May 25 - 29, 2004
Calgary International Fringe Theatre Festival End of August
Calgary Jazz Festival Jun 24 - Jul 5, 2004
Calgary Stampede July 9 -18, 2004
Global Fest 2004 August 19 - 30, 2004
Jazz Festival Calgary June 25 - July 4, 2004
Street Lilac Festival May 30, 2004
The Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival October
Winefest Feb 12 - 14, 2004


Some of Alberta's trophy trout are contained in national parks and waterways that are only accessible by hiking or by flying in. This alternative in fishing also provides spectacular scenery and the opportunity to experience wildlife and secluded sites rarely visited or fished.

Participants will travel into scenic Alberta National Parks and visit reclusive prime trout habitants. Your guide will safely accommodate you and provide his experience and coaching on fishing technique, explanation of flies and hatches and other questions that you may have.

Fishing trips also include packages that can be fully customized to meet your expectations and budget. packages include fishing gear, accommodations, transportation, meals, and license.

Fly Fishing

Calgary fly fishing guides offer single and multi day trips around the Calgary area. Guides have customized trips that cater to single or large groups of anglers.

Fly fishing operators offer guided float and wade trips on Alberta streams, lakes, and on the world renowned Bow River. They provide the technique and guidance required to catch huge rainbow, brown, cutthroat, and bull trout located in the waterways around Calgary.

Fly fishing in Calgary is available year round (depending on the weather). Tour operators have different packages available that include accommodations, meals, and fishing gear.


Calgary golf is the best way to experience this western Canadian city found at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Calgary and the surrounding area is a sportsman's paradise with some of the best scenery and activities in North America.

Golf courses in Calgary are an excellent place to spend your vacation, and many offer lodges for visitors, restaurants, equipment rentals, and pro shops. Many tee times are available as well as lessons, driving ranges with qualified instructors on site, and courses with various levels of difficulty.

Calgary golf packages can include pick up and drop off services from area hotels, special twilight and weekday fees, cart rentals, and passes to multiple courses in the area. Instructors offer multilingual services to golfers of all levels.


Daily urban and wilderness hiking trips are available in Calgary. Hiking trips can be customized based on hikers' time, expectations, and vacation budget.

Tour operators offer hourly, half, full, and multi day hikes throughout Calgary. Operators have specialized tours for all levels of hikers, families, sightseers, and business travelers.

Hiking packages are available that include transportation, guide, meals, and equipment. Hiking options include snowshoeing or cross country ski in winter.

Horseback Riding

Enjoy the wilderness of Alberta on horseback. Ranch operators in Calgary offer packages and customized trips for half, full, and multi day trail rides in the Canadian Rockies.

Horseback riding in the Rocky Mountains is a great chance to experience Alberta's beauty. Trail rides allow rides to explore some of the most scenic wilderness in the world. A variety of rides is available that carters to families, and small and large groups up to 18.

Packages for overnight trips include horses, meals, guides, and camping gear. Optional activities are also available they include ATV rides and whitewater raft.


Hotels in Calgary are located throughout the city and in its surrounding areas. They range from luxurious resorts to hotels for the budget-minded traveler.

Finding the right hotel is an important part of planning a visit to Calgary. Leisure, family and business travelers have hotels that are specialized to their specific needs. Calgary even has extended stay hotels for travelers that are planning to stay in the city for a long period.

If you are traveling to Calgary during the summer, you should reservation your accommodation ahead of time. The City of Calgary hosts the Calgary Stampede every year during the summer. During this time local hotels and motels are completely booked months in advance.


There are several kayaking operators located in Calgary. They offer daily packages and customized trips for half and full day excursions.

Kayaking runs are held on the Bow, Kananaskis, Elbow, Red Deer, and Ram Rivers in the Calgary and Cochrane area of Alberta. Runs are geared towards participants with skills between beginners to advance.

Kayaking packages include certified river guide/instructor, kayak, safety equipment, transportation to and from the river, pick up/drop off at your hotel, and picnic lunch.


Calgary has a big selection of affordable motels. Motel lodgings allow visitors to stay over night in Calgary in rooms that are a fraction of the price of hotel rates.

Motels cater to short term travelers. They offer sleeping accommodations on a nightly or weekly basis.

Before selecting a motel, travelers must be aware there are many different types of motels with different quality standards. The best solution for travelers is to compare rates and location before making a reservation.


Sightseeing tour operators in Calgary have created specialized tours. They include walking, guided, motorized and self-guided tours of Calgary, and its surrounding areas including Banff and Jasper.

Guided, walking, and motorized tours are customized based on group size and include pick up and drop off from all major downtown hotels.

Self-drive tours include organized packages with everything needed for your trip. They include accommodations, vehicle, detailed itinerary, maps, brochures, and other information.


Calgary skiing facilities include downhill and cross-country trails.


The Calgary Stampede is more than a simple rodeo; it is a festival. For 10 days the city of Calgary is transformed into a city celebrating its cowboy culture. This year the Calgary Stampede will be held on June 9-18, 2004.

Each year, millions of visitors from around the world come to Calgary to enjoy the Stampede. The city becomes full with people in cowboy hats, boots, and jeans enjoying themselves. Described as 'the greatest outdoor show on earth' it features a rodeo, amusement park, concerts, and more.

Finding last minute accommodations during the Calgary Stampede is extremely difficult. Local hotels and motels are full months in advance. If you plan to visit Calgary for this years stampede, we strongly recommended that you reserve your accommodation in advance.


Guided tours of Calgary take visitors around cultural and historical landmarks.


Calgary weather is favorable throughout the year. In the winter, warm winds called the Chinook give Calgary spring like conditions. Year round Calgary weather conditions range from below freezing temperatures in the winter to warm and dry summers.

Calgary Weather: Average Temperatures for Calgary

Month Celsius

Minimum Maximum
January -15.1 -2.8
February -12.0 -0.1
March -7.8 4.0
April -2.1 11.3
May 3.1 16.4
June 7.3 20.2
July 9.4 22.9
August 8.6 22.5
September 4.0 17.6
October -1.4 15.1
November -8.9 2.8
December -13.4 -1.3