Apex Mountain Resort

It is a resort located near the city of Penticton in south central part of British Columbia province and is considered as one of the best small ski resorts in Canada. The ski resort is situated on the Beaconsfield Mountain in the province's Okanagan region. The region is well-known for having the best powder snow in North America. That, together with the small crowd and the short lines for the ski lifts, makes the resort an ideal place for people who want to have a serious go with their skiing. If you are into snowboarding, you will be glad to know that snowboarders give this resort a high rating and has facilities not found in other ski resorts. The winter sports season in the resort is open from December to March.

The resort started out as a humble ski hill developed by Penticton residents in the 1950s. It expanded further soon after that and made its official debut as a resort in the 1960s. Since its existing facilities are more for people with advanced skills, the resort added on skiable terrain through the years for novice and intermediate skiers. The resort now has facilities to train skiers who are competing at the national level, such as the sites used by the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association to train aerial competitors.

The resort has a total skiable area of 4.5 square kilometers or 1,111 acres with more than 60 ski runs. Most of the slopes are meant for intermediate and more advanced skiers, but the resort also has runs for beginners. The area experiences an average of 20 feet or 600 centimeters of snowfall per year. The highest point in the resort is 1,600 meters (5,250 feet) up.

The resort boasts of a lot of steep terrain. The resort only attracts a small crowd, so this means that the lines for the chair lifts can be short. These things easily make Apex Mountain Resort a favorite among serious skiers. You should also know that most of the slopes in the resort are ideal for snowboarding.

Although many of the runs are more suitable for skiers and boarders with advanced skills, it seems that beginners and non-skiers can look forward to staying at the resort. It is a popular destination for couples and their families, particularly those with small children. Many of the visitors enjoyed the resort's ski runs meant for cross-country skiing, as well as the hockey and skating rink located near the lodgings. The local restaurant and the accommodations in the resort's village were satisfactory. People from other parts of Canada often spend the New Year's holidays there since it has fireworks displays and other activities lined up for the whole family to enjoy.

If you are thinking of having a satisfying and affordable winter vacation, put Apex Mountain Resort at the top of your list. For people who are traveling with their families, the resort offers a lot of activities that you will be sure that your children will enjoy. The resort is also a good place for those who are looking for a trip to get some serious skiing practice.