Big White Ski Resort

It is located near the summit of Big White Mountain, the highest peak in the Okanagan Highland in the British Columbia Interior. It is near the city of Kelowna and is considered the second biggest ski resort in the province next to Whistler-Blackcomb. The resort is a favorite among experienced skiers because of its challenging terrain and the large amount of snow that falls on the mountain every year. There is also numerous ski in/out accommodations options available in the central village. Tourists who are looking for a family-friendly resort will find Big White has a lot of activities and events for all ages. The resort's winter facilities are available from November to April.

The resort opened in the 1960s with a day lodge and a T-bar ski lift. The 1970s saw the expansion of the central village with the construction of several chalets and a small hotel. New ski lifts and other skiing were installed in the resort in the following years. The resort went into the hands of Australia-based Schumann family in the 1980s and became more family-oriented in the services and activities it provided. The Schumanns acquired the nearby Silver Star Mountain Resort in 2002 making it possible for guests in Big White access to more skiing and snowboarding terrain for a more complete experience.

The resort has 2,765 acres or 11.2 square kilometers of skiable terrain. Annual snowfall in the resort averages at 750 centimeters or 294 inches. The highest accessible point in the resort is 777 meters or 2,549 feet up. There are a total of 118 runs in the resort suitable for all types of skiers. You should know, more than 80 percent of the trails are difficult to extremely difficult and are more appropriate for experienced skiers. The resort, however, is so vast that even if the slopes for beginner skiers are still extensive even if they are only a small portion of the resort's skiable terrain. The resort also dedicates 38 acres are also dedicated to night skiing. In fact, the resort has the one of the biggest nighttime skiing areas throughout Canada.

Most of the skiers who go to the resort are intermediates and beginners. Most of the guests tend to be in areas where the slopes are gentle and are suitable for less advanced skiers. The resort is also a favorite among people who like powder skiing those who like skiing on ungroomed runs. Some of the guests even think it has a better skiing terrain than in the other nearby ski resorts.

Many of the guests also came to the resort with their families, and a lot of them seemed to have come from Australia! There are no problems regarding accommodations there, and there is little to complain about the comprehensive service available in the resort's village. Some guests think there should be more shops and the supermarket ought to be bigger, however.

The skiing terrain in Big White Ski Resort is easily the favorite of everyone who goes there, so if you are thinking of perfecting your skiing during the winter, put this resort at the top of your list. Big White has also gained a lot of headway out of making itself more family-friendly than most ski resorts, so spending a family vacation there is probably a wise decision on your part.