Blue Mountain

It is a ski resort near the town of Collingwood, Simcoe County in the southern part of Ontario. The resort is on the Blue Mountain range, a section of the Niagara Escarpment. It is one of the busiest ski resorts in Canada, with an average of 750,000 visitors every year. The resort is a particular favorite among freestyle skiing enthusiasts. The resort is open all year long with numerous facilities, like those for golfing and for hiking, available even in the summer. The resort's skiing season is open from December to March.

The ski resort began in the 1940s. The early years of the resort depended a lot on the activities of the Toronto Ski Club and the Blue Mountain Ski Club. The years that followed the resort's launch saw its expansion in terms of skiing terrain and equipment. More significant changes happened after influential resorts developer Intrawest bought 50 percent of the resort's interests. Major improvements were done on various areas, including the Blue Mountain Village and the resort's facilities for the summertime.

The resort has 251 acres or 102 hectares of skiable terrain. The highest accessible point in the resort is 720 feet or 219 meters up. Annual snowfall in the resort is 110 inches or 279 centimeters. There are 37 trails suitable for every type of skier. You should know, however, that more than 80 percent of which are difficult and are more appropriate for experienced skiers.

The resort is a favorite among snowboarders with dozens of runs ideal for the sport. Many of the skiers going to the resort are native to Ontario, and who are not as fortunate as those living near the Canadian Rockies in Western Canada. The skiing terrain is not as steep and challenging as those in other mountains and guests cannot always count on the weather to bring in the snow. Thank goodness for the resort's high-performance snow cannons that make sure that the trails have superior snow cover all winter long.

Many of the resort's guests are also traveling with their families. The resort has tons of activities for children to enjoy, such as snow mobile rides, snowshoeing, dog sledding, and ice skating. Parents also can take advantage of the resort's day care facilities and schools for novice skiers and snowboarders. Evening entertainment can come in the form of nighttime skiing and apres ski options in the resort's pedestrian village. There are also several great restaurants and shops.

If you still don't have a place in mind where you will have your ski trip, Blue Mountain may be the perfect place for you. If you want a diverse and challenging skiing terrain, there you have it. If you want less of an adrenaline rush and a more laid-back family-oriented atmosphere on your vacation, the resort has that, too. If you are looking for a romantic kind of vacation, you can go and experience the moonlit ski tours or nighttime skiing and skating. The resort can end up one of your favorite places.