Cypress Mountain Ski Area

The resort is located at the West Vancouver area of the British Columbia province. The resort is at the southern part of the Cypress Provincial Park and was named after the bowl made by three mountains in the area, Strachan, Black and Hollyburn. Although there is indeed a Cypress Mountain in the Vancouver area, it does not have any bearing on the resort's name. The resort's winter facilities are available from December to March.

The resort began with the formation of the Hollyburn Pacific Ski Club and the opening of the Hollyburn Ski Camp in the 1920s. The decades after that saw skiing and ski jumping quickly developed in the area and formed a devoted following. Over the years, the facility expanded and more modern skiing equipment is installed, such as an elaborate system to transport skiers to the tops of the different mountains. It has transformed to a larger ski resort and has since changed its name. In the 2000s, the resort became the venue of several international skiing tournaments, highlighted by the hosting of the snowboarding games as well as the freestyle skiing events during the Winter Olympic Games in 2010.

The resort's skiable terrain covers an area of 600 acres or 243 hectares, with 53 runs. The highest accessible point is 610 meters or about 2,000 feet above the resort. Annual snowfall in the area is about 245 inches or 622 centimeters. The resort has ski runs for skiers of all types but almost three quarters of those are suitable for intermediate skiers as well as those with more advanced skills.

One of the many attractions of this resort is that it is just a 35-minute drive away from downtown Vancouver. This makes the city one of the few that is near a resort with a challenging skiing terrain. The resort is small so there are little to no lines for the ski lifts and if you are traveling by car, you will be glad to realize that parking here is no problem. For people who are traveling by bus, you will find few difficulties with the service going to the city. There are mixed reactions regarding the customer service but most guests found them friendly and helpful. The resort also has facilities for snowboarding, which not always an available option in some resorts.

The resort also provides a great view of Vancouver city, especially for guests who are lucky to be there on a clear night. Most of its guests are newly weds and single people so do not expect it to be as family-friendly as some of the resorts nearby. The resort offers nighttime skiing and snowboarding. You will find a wide selection of affordable and food in the lodges.

Cypress Mountain Ski Area has a wonderful location, being conveniently near a modern city and having one of the best terrains for skiing. The resort also has world-class sports facilities so it won't be such a surprise if it becomes a popular spot for a few more serious skiers.