Mount Farlagne Ski Resort

It is located in Edmundston in the province of New Brunswick. Well-groomed trails and fast lifts expected by all types of skiers are waiting in the resort. With their own snow making system, excellent skiing conditions are almost always is guaranteed for the entire season . Full-service stations with approachable staffs are available for every skier and snowboarder’s convenience. Learn the basics or improve your techniques with Mount Farlagne’s ski school. The resort's skiing season is from the middle of December to the late part of March.

Mount Farlagne Ski Resort opened to the public under the supervision of Edmunston Ski Ltd. in 1969. It was built on Judge Robert Rice’s land, who then became the first president of the resort. The hill underwent many enhancements and further development before its official opening happened. At that time, the resort has only four open trails: Fraser, Rice, Family and Casse-Cou. The Fraser was the only one used for night skiing. Developers of the resort continued with the renovations and upgraded the facilities. In 2004, Jacques Gallant and his family bought the hill. At present, the family plans to renovate the resort into a bigger and better destination for skiers and snowboarders.

The resort has 30 acres or 12.1 hectares of skiable terrain. The highest accessible point in the resort is 183 meters (600 feet) up. Averages snowfall in the area is 250 inches or 635 centimeters every year. There are a total 21 runs with most of the terrain meant for experienced skiers with advanced skills.

However, everyone is welcome to enjoy winter activities on Mount Farlagne. The place offers many services for all the members of the family. Beginners won’t have to worry about equipments because the resort has a rental shop. Whatever they need is in there. Their skilled technicians offer repair and maintenance services to make sure all equipments are in best condition. A ski school is also located on the site for those who are new to the sport and for those who want to learn more tricks. They offer programs for kids, women, and disabled people. Their high-skilled instructors provide quality training to all students of any ability level. Day-care services are also offered for younger children. Those who want to have a quick lunch or a short break, an on-site cafeteria is available. The cafeteria serves daily specials, light meals, and more. The place accepts large groups. Their bar, on the other hand, serves cocktails, wine, and finger foods. Many nearby accommodations are available to end up your long, tiring day. Some of the few-minute drive hotels and inns are the Auberg Les Jardins Inn, Edmunston Clarioton Hotel, and Comfort Inn.

The drop and trails of Mount Farlagne Ski Resort are certainly in best condition all the time. No more waiting in lines with their fast lifts. Best of all, the resort’s rates are much cheaper than most ski areas in Canada. Everything you need for a wonderful winter season experience is right here on Mount Farlagne Ski Resort!