Lake Louise Mountain Resort

It is located inside Banff National Park in the southern part of the province of Alberta. The park is in the Canadian Rockies and is the oldest of the Canada's national parks. The resort is beside the rural town of Lake Louise, which was named after a nearby lake. The resort is famous around the world for the variety of its skiing terrain and its spectacular wilderness surrounding the resort. The resort's world-famous status is probably made less distinguished by its nearness to two other internationally renowned resorts also located within the Banff National Park, Mount Norquay and Sunshine Village. Skiing season in Lake Louise Mountain Resort is from November to May.

The resort with its chair lifts and the various skiing facilities were more or less in place since the 1950s. However, the Lake Louise was already considered a training ground for upper-class Europeans on mountain sports since the 19th century. Hiking and climbing the glacier-laden peaks surrounding Lake Louise became popular in the 1930s, which then led to the formation of The Ski Club of the Canadian Rockies. The organization proved to be the catalyst in building the foundations of the resort that most of people know now. The years that followed the opening of the resort saw the installation and upgrading of numerous facilities used in the resort today, including the resort's sightseeing gondola which operates all year, for visitors who like to see the glaciers, plants, animals and natural springs surrounding the resort.

The resort covers the 4,200 acres or 17 square kilometers of skiing terrain. The highest accessible point in the resort is 3,250 feet or 991 meters up. Annual snowfall in the area is 454 centimeters or 179 inches. There are a total 39 runs for all types of skiers. Most of the trails are more appropriate for experienced skiers. However, beginning skiers will not have any problem looking for gentler slopes that will suit their skill level. The resort also has trails reserved for country-skiing.

Many of the guests at the resort were experienced skiers, with some of them having gone to ski resorts in other countries. It seems Canadian Rockies never fails to impress skiers with the variety and the challenges that its terrain offers. Some of the skiers even think that some of the hills in the resort would have a higher difficulty level rating if it is in other resorts. The area even experiences a large amount of snowfall during the winter, although this is not as consistent as some skiers would like. The resort's snowboarding runs also need a lot of improvements.

Most of the resort's visitors were there with their families, although there were a lot of single people and newly-weds there. This is not so surprising since the resort is often included in lists of must-go to ski resorts all over the world. The resort has a variety of activities like a variety of shops and day care facilities. The resort is often the venue of a big sports event so that is added live entertainment for you. If you like to go sightseeing, many of the guests recommend going to the mountain top to get a spectacular view.

Lake Louise is probably already in the list of places you want to go during your ski trip, but don't forget this. The resort is a popular tourist destination so expect to have huge crowds and long lift lines there, particularly during holidays and weekends. If you plan to brush up on your skiing, the great skiing conditions in the resort make it an ideal place for you.