Marble Mountain Ski Resort

It is located near the town of Steady Brook in the west coast of Newfoundland island. The resort is near Corner Brook city in the Long Range mountain range and is considered one of the biggest resorts meant for downhill skiing in Canada's Atlantic region. It was one of the main venues for the Canadian Winter Games held in 1999. It also has trails suitable for snowboarding, as well as mogul runs for those interested in freestyle skiing and glade runs for cross-country skiers. The ski season in the resort is open from December to March.

Although the ski resort officially began operations in the 1980s, the site was attracting interest from members of the Corner Brook Ski Club since the 1930s. The organization already installed rudimentary skiing facilities in the place. These were abandoned a few years later when the Second World War began. A more modern facility was built in the same site starting in the 1960s and has proceeded steadily since then.

The resort has a 225 acres (0.9 square kilometers) of skiable terrain. The highest accessible point in the resort is 536 meters or 1,760 feet up. It receives five meters or 16 feet of snow every year. The resort has a total of 37 runs that comes in a wide variety of terrain. Many of the runs are for intermediate skiers although some of the runs are suitable for those with more advanced skills.

The resort has a remote location so it is not a frequent tourist destination. In fact, most of the resort's guests who live in the nearby communities and skiers from other parts of Canada who know about the place. However, it easily becomes a favorite of anyone who goes there because of the diversity of its terrain and the challenges the slopes can give even to the most experienced skiers and snowboarders. The resort also attracts a small crowd, which can get bigger during weekends but the wait in the ski lifts still do not take long even then. The staff and the ski instructors are friendly and always ready to help.

There are few families who go to the resort but for those who have, aren't they glad they did? First of all, the resort is not so crowded so small children can learn to ski in peace. What's more, there are no long lines to the ski lifts. Second, although the resort does not have many activities for children, families can go to nearby Humber Valley Resort for the fun programs that the children will enjoy.

If you are planning to go on a ski trip with just skiing on your mind, Marble Mountain is the place for you. The main thing that the resort has been going for it is that it is not so well-known, and does not attract such a big crowd, but its skiing terrain is not so shabby. Short lift lines and your choice of diverse challenging runs, what more can a skier ask for? For travelers who are going on a vacation with their families, Marble Mountain may not be an ideal place for you since the families that go to the resort still have to travel to another place in order to have a more complete vacation. If you don't mind this, then keep the resort in mind if you are planning to have a family vacation in the winter.