Marmot Basin

It is a ski resort located in Jasper National Park in the side of the Canadian Rockies facing Alberta province. It is near the municipality of Jasper on the western portion of the province. The resort is well-known to skiers around the world for its various challenging terrain. It also has the best trails in the Canadian Rockies meant for cross-country skiing. The park is open all year long especially for hikers and kayaking enthusiasts during the summer. Skiing season in the Marmot Basin is only available from late November to April or May.

The resort only began operations in the 1960s although the surrounding park has been established earlier and has already gained an international reputation of having a wide variety of wildlife and mountainous terrain. British soldiers used the area now occupied by the ski resort during the Second World War as a training ground for alpine maneuvers. When the resort opened, there is only one working rope tow built from what was left of an army truck. It has since added and upgraded skiing facilities and has gained recognition as one of the top ski resorts in the world.

Marmot Basin has a skiing area of 1,675 acres or 678 hectares. Its highest accessible point is at 915 meters or 3,000 feet. It has a total of 86 runs, with terrain suitable for beginners, intermediates, advanced, and expert skiers. The steep runs, chutes and bowls are usually at the upper slopes, while the gentler terrain and treed trails are mostly in the lower areas. Some of the runs are also suitable for snowboarding.

Most of the guests are experienced skiers. One reason for this is that the resort is a lot less crowded than the nearby resorts in the British Columbia side of the Canadian Rockies. The resort provides a variety of challenging terrain and a large amount of snow throughout the winter. Also, the slopes give the skiers great views of the Jasper National Park and the surrounding mountains. There is not much to distract guests from the beauty and challenges inherent to skiing.

Many of the guests are single people or have just gotten married. Most of them think that the resort has adequate accommodations, although it needs additional larger lodgings, too, if the resort wants to take in families and big groups. The resort also has a ski school, a day care center, day lodges, restaurants and cafes, as well as a small gift shop.

Marmot Basin may not be as well-known as other resorts located in the Canadian Rockies, but it has gotten the attention and respect from skiers all over the world. If you are looking for a place to go to on your next winter ski trip, Marmot Basin may just be it, especially if you plan on perfecting your skiing moves. It has the advantage of being located in a place with the best skiing conditions this side of the Canadian Rockies, with wonderful views that will round off the most perfect ski trip.