Mont Gabriel

This is a ski resort located in Sainte-Adele, Quebec. Ski Mont Gabriel is definitely a family-friendly resort that offers great family and group package deals. It attracts many families that keep on coming back every year. The resort features a 200 meter vertical drop and 18 varied trails for all types of skiers and snowboarders. They have fast lifts for a hassle-free snow sport experience. Lots of amenities are offered by the establishment for a more fulfilling bonding with friends or family. At Ski Mont Gabriel, everyone is welcome to enjoy, to learn, and to develop more techniques. Skiing season in the resort is from December to April.

The ski resort opened in the 1990s although skiing has long been a popular sport in the region, particularly the slopes of the Laurentian mountain range. The resort is attracting more skiers recently because most of the resorts nearby are expensive. Mont Gabriel provides a more appealing alternative to skiers because it provides a challenging terrain and its amenities are available at a more affordable price.

The resort has 32 hectares (79 acres) of skiable terrain. The highest accessible point in the resort is 200 meters or 656.2 feet up. An averages 203 centimeters (80 inches) of snow falls in the area every year. Ski Mont Gabriel has a snowmaking system, which covers 75 percent of its slopes creating a more effective snow surface. The snowmaking ability of the resort ensures that there is sufficient snow all the time. The resort also has a total 18 trails, all machine-groomed to achieve the best condition for a smooth ride. There are runs suitable for all types of skiers but you should know that more than half of the slopes are more appropriate for experienced skiers. Its south slope is one of the most popular spots in this resort because it is the warmest ski area in Canada. You’ll have no problems with the lifts because they will take you to your preferred destination right away. No wasted time and long lines.

The resort’s guests are usually those who came with their families or large groups. There is a snow school which offers different programs for beginners and even those who want to learn new tricks. They do not offer day-care services but programs for kids are available. High-skilled instructors are there to assist, help and teach private and group lessons. Snowboards, leashes, helmets, and many other types of equipment are available for rentals. They have an on-site restaurant for those who want to eat. Snacks, light meals, and beverages are available. After a long tiring day, adults can have some cocktail drinks at their bar while enjoying the view of the mountain. Aside from Ski Mont Gabriel’s fascinating charm, their low-price rate is another reason why many families and large groups choose to spend their winter activities here. They are actually less expensive than most ski areas in Canada. Those who want to come back the next day for another snow sport adventure has many options on where to spend the night. Plenty of nearby accommodations are available just few minutes away from the resort.

The whole family will surely have fun here at Ski Mont Gabriele. The place also hosts some special events and fun activities. One of the most awaited events held here is the Canada Post Freestyle Grand Prix wherein athletes perform their exhilarating stunts.

Mont Gabriel is definitely a wonderful ski destination for the whole family. The place offers great ambiance and quality service at a reasonable price. Winter fun doesn’t need to be expensive!