Mont Garceau

This is a resort located in Saint Donat, Quebec, an hour and a half away from Montreal. Ski Mont Garceau is among the most spectacular ski destinations in Quebec and is known as a family-friendly resort. The place offers a perfect drop and a large selection of trails that feature many challenges for skiers and snowboarders of any ability level. Ski Mont Garceau has a modern snowmaking system, various service stations, and large, fast lifts. Skiing season in the resort is from December to March.

A contractor-builder named Garceau Lauda founded Ski Mont Garceau and officially opened it in the winter of 1964-65. This small ski resort is blessed with heavy snowfall and micro-climate, which help it thrive into a modern ski destination. During the years of 1966-1981 improvement of trails, and additional tracks were made to provide snow sport enthusiasts with better experience. In 1982-85, snow guns and a 50 percent snowmaking system were installed to give skiers a more fulfilling ski season. New groomers were added to the resort in 1985 to create the best surface for winter sports. Ski Mont Garceau’s main lodge was renovated, and additional facilities were built in 1992. At present, the resort is providing its skiers with a perfect, family-friendly ski facility.

The resort has 42 hectares (103.8 acres) of skiable terrain. The highest accessible point in the resort is 305 meters or 1,000.7 feet up. Annual snowfall averages at 305 centimeters (120 inches). Ski Mont Garceau has a total of 25 skiing runs, with well-groomed trails suitable for everyone. Beginners, advanced, and even kids will find skiing on their tracks, smooth and efficient all the time. No more waiting in lines because their lifts are reliable and fast. Skiers will reach their destination right away.

Many of the resort's guests come with their families. Novice skiers who happen to have an incomplete set of ski equipments do not have to worry. Snowboards, helmets, goggles, and more can be borrowed from the rental shop. You can also buy brand new equipments, gears, jackets, accessories and more from their shop, La Boutique Garceau. The boutique also offers a repair service and maintenance shop. Skilled Technicians are always available to assist and help you with your equipment.

The resort has over 120,000 visitors each year. Since the place is a family resort, younger kids are very much expected by the establishment. That’s why they added a day-care service. This aims to make both the parents and the child comfortable and at ease during their stay. Those who are new to the sport can enroll to their school, where over 85 ski and snowboard professionals are ready to train and enhance their student’s skills and techniques. Beginners will start with the trails on the Snow Garden, where slopes are the easiest to use. An on-site cafeteria is available so those who want to have a short break can grab snacks and refreshments right away.

Mont Garceau is a perfect winter season getaway for the whole family. Whether you are there for a few days, or for the whole week, the place definitely has so much to offer. Kids and those young at heart will truly love the beautiful setting of Mont Garceau.