Mont Olympia

This is a ski resort located in Piedmont, Quebec. Mont Olympia is an excellent place to explore and discover the fun of different winter sports activities. It is a great ski resort for all types of skiers and riders. The place has slopes and trails designed for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and even experts. Entry level slopes, attentive monitors, and sufficient safety features will help new skiers to learn skills and to develop confidence quickly. This is a family-friendly ski resort and is definitely for all ages. The resort is open for winter activities from the middle of December to the early part of April.

The ski industry of Quebec was born in a small Laurentian village, known as the St. Sauveur des Monts. In 1934, the first ski lift was installed on Hill70 and rapidly became a popular ski spot in North America. It was renovated and further developed by a group of businessmen after eleven years. In 1948, new ski lifts and the first T-bar were installed. It was in 1972 when Mr. Jacques G. Herbert finally acquired all the lots and began with further more enhancements.

The resort has 140 acres or 56.7 hectares of skiable terrain. The highest accessible point in the resort is 200 meters (656.2 feet) up. Snowfall in Mont Olympia comes up to 203 centimeters (80 inches) every year. The resort has a total of 23 runs, a big portion (40 percent) of which are gentle slopes suitable for beginner skiers. Also, percent are appropriate for intermediates, while the rest of the terrain is meant for those with advanced skills.

Most of the travelers going to the resort came with their families or with large groups. The most popular ski school in the entire Laurentian village is located right here at Mont Olympia. Although they have no child care and women’s programs, they offer ski and snowboard lessons for kids and adults in a private or semi-private course. There are lots of activities to do in the resort. Guests are allowed to skate, snowboard, cross-country ski in a 20 km trail, and alpine ski. Most of their trails are perfect for entry level that’s why the resort is known to be the best destination for kids and beginners. Those who have no equipment, or forgot to bring a piece of theirs can rent from the Rental Centre found at the pavilion basement. Their lift ticket rates are cheaper compared to Mont-Saint-Sauveur. They also have a seasonal pass which allows visitors to save even more. Refreshments, light meals, and snacks are available at nearby bars and restaurants. Fun events, like La Coupe Olympia, are held here every Sundays. It is a race for families and anyone 3-99 years old can join. Plenty of accommodations to choose from are waiting for those who want to spend their night near the resort.

Spending your day with family or friends is really full of fun, unforgettable, and hassle-free here in Mont Olympia. Everything you need, from equipment to snacks to accommodation, is offered making your stay comfortable and the best it can be.