Ski Mont Orford

It is a ski resort near the town of Magog in the Eastern Townships region in the province of Quebec. It is near the city of Sherbrooke in the southern part of the province. The family-friendly resort is part of the national park of Mont Orford so nature lovers can enjoy the spectacular scenery in some of its trails. The resort is known for its numerous trails meant for cross-country skiing. It also has facilities for snowboarders. The resort also uses several snow machines to make sure there are reliable ski conditions on its slopes from December to April.

Skiing, particularly the cross-country type, has long been a part of the activities offered in the Mont Orford National Park. The Mont Orford Ski Club was established in since the 1940s and decided that the park's three mountains, Giroux, Orford, and Alfred Desrochers, provide the best terrain that local skiers would want. This area eventually became the site of the ski resort, which up to know is operated by the ski club. Various services in the resort can only be given to club members. Club membership, however, is affordable.

The resort has a total skiable area of 99 hectares or 245.5 acres. The highest accessible point in the resort is 598 meters or 1,962 feet up. The resort and the surrounding areas receives 294 centimeters or 116 inches of snowfall every year. It has a total of 61 runs, 17 of which are good for glade skiing. Many of its ski trails are for beginner skiers, while two-thirds of the runs are more suitable for intermediates to skiers with extreme skills.

Most of the skiers who go to Mont Orford are advanced. Many of the guests appreciate its natural-looking trails ungroomed trails because they can lead to spectacular scenery. The wear and tear it can give to the skis and boards, however, are not looked upon well by other people. The resort is relatively small but the ski trails can very lengthy, especially those in Orford Mountain. This is good news since you do not have to endure long lines to the ski lifts before you can enjoy the terrain.

Single people and those who have just gotten married also make up the majority of the resort's visitors. There are lodgings and ski in/out condominiums in the resort, but guests can get larger accommodations in Magog and in other nearby communities. There are other activities offered in the resort like a racquetball, curling, indoor tennis, and swimming, but not many of the guests have taken any of these up.

If you are planning on a ski vacation, Mont Orford is probably a good place to start. It has long been the favorite of advanced skiers so if skiing is what you want to focus on, then this is your place. However, it is trying to gain a reputation of being friendlier to travelers who are bringing their families, and even has a variety of activities that people of all ages can enjoy. Spending a family vacation in the resort may be a wise decision.