Mont Saint-Sauveur

It is a ski resort located in the town of Saint-Sauveur in Quebec province. The town is in the Laurentian mountains near Montreal. Most of the resort's guests are families who use the resort's day care facility that takes in young children ages two to five years old free of charge. The resort is known for its rapid snow making capacity with around 160 snow cannons. This is the main reason for its ability to have the longest skiing season in the province. The season is open all year long, operating a water slide park in the summer. The resort is open for winter sports from November to May.

The site is really the birthplace of the province's ski industry. In the 1950s, there were already several skiing facilities in the area with different owners. These various facilities were then united into a common organization to form the Mont Saint-Sauveur resort, which began operations in the 1970s. The resort has expanded operations through the years. A high point occurred in 1986 with the opening of a water slide park and recreational center for the summer months. Other facilities for summer and winter recreation has been opened since.

The resort spans five mountains and has a total skiable terrain of 142 acres or 0.57 square kilometers. The highest accessible point is 213 meters or 700 feet. Annual snowfall in the area averages at 460 centimeters or 15 feet. The resort has 38 runs, 27 of which are used for nighttime skiing. It has terrain for all types of skiers, with trails that are classified as easy, intermediate, difficult and extremely difficult.

Most of the skiers who go there to the resort are beginners and intermediates. There are fewer runs available for more advanced skiers so these tend to be crowded. The terrain is not as extensive as in the bigger resorts like nearby Mont Tremblant but people get the right value for their money. The resort is also not so well-known so the crowds tend to be small and has short lines to the high performance chair lifts. You should also know that the resort has a reputation of being the largest resort in the world where night skiing is provided. The resort is believed to use three million watts to light the ski runs.

The resort is much, much popular for people who are bringing their families on a ski trip. There are numerous activities for small and ski instructions are available for beginning skiers. The ski lifts and other amenities are inexpensive, while the restaurant, which has just been modernized recently, has live entertainment. The food tends to be a bit pricey but overall, the establishment is good. The resort provides various accommodations and dining options.

Mont Sainte-Sauveur is something to keep in mind when you are thinking of going on a winter vacation with your family. The resort can be limited for advanced skiers who are planning on a ski trip. The resort has one of the longest skiing seasons in the country so Mont Saint-Sauveur is probably open when you have completed a trip to other resorts.