Mont Sutton

It is a ski resort located near the town of Sutton in Quebec province. It is part of the tourist region called the Eastern Townships in the southeastern part of the province. The resort is famous for its downhill glade or tree skiing in wooded trails, as opposed to skiing in more open runs. Glade skiing is usually done by people with advanced skills and has some unique challenges of its own. Skiing in glades or in wooded areas are especially rewarding since these places tend to hold new snow for a longer time because they are shaded from the sun. The resort's winter facilities are open from December to March.

The Boulanger family started the resort in the 1960s and still has a hand in its current operations. From the start, the resort was already known for glade skiing, a unique concept at the time when the resort started and never fails to make the resort's guests fall in love with its slopes. Through the years, Mont Sutton has expanded in its terrain, amenities and skiing facilities.

The ski resort has a total of 175 acres or 0.7 square kilometers of skiable terrain. The highest accessible point in the resort is 457 meters or 1,499 feet. The annual snowfall in the area is 496 centimeters or 16 feet. There are 53 ski runs, with trails available for snowboarders and skiers of all ski levels. Sutton mountain has contours that serve as a sort of natural dividing line between easier ski trails and slopes for those with advanced skills. Almost half of the resort is covered by trees or glades.

The resort is actually popular to beginners and more serious skiers. Many guests already consider the Sutton Mountain as their favorite ski area and is easily the best mountain in the Eastern Township region. The resort's terrain may not be the steepest or the longest throughout the skiing world, but these hold a lot of bumps and diverse challenges to make people feel good about completing any of the trails. What's more, the resort is small and the ski lift lines tend to be short. Some of the equipment tend to be old and slow, however, particularly the chair lifts, the snow making and the run-grooming gear.

Many of the resort's guests are single or those that have just gotten married. The resort's accommodations tend to be a bit old-fashioned, however, and for people who are looking for nighttime socializing, well, look for it in nearby cities, like Montreal. However, the resort has a good restaurant at the mountain top where you can grab lunch and have a great view of the surroundings.

Mont Sutton is an old-fashioned ski resort where excellent skiing and snowboarding conditions can be had. If you are thinking of going to the resort for your winter vacation, it is best to put your skiing face on. For novice skiers, you should know that the resort boasts of a snow school that gives introductory lessons on skiing and snowboarding. The resort also has a service to help guests explore the mountain and look for trails that will suit their skills.