Mont Tremblant Ski Resort

It is located in the city of Mont Tremblant in the southern portion of Quebec province. It is in the Laurentian region and is near the city of Montreal. It is popular destination for skiers and snowboarders from other parts of Canada and other countries, and is considered one of the major ski resorts in the eastern part of the country. The resort is renowned for the large number of treed runs and is a favorite to those who like to go on glade skiing. The resort is open the whole year but more popular during the winter, when ski and snowboard facilities are available from November to April.

The Mont Tremblant Ski resort opened in the 1930s, making it one of the oldest resorts in the country. Mont Tremblant and its surrounding regions long been known for their spectacular forests and wilderness areas but many of the trees have been cut down in the 19th century. The trees, along with the large amount of snow that falls in the resort and the areas nearby made the resort provided skiing conditions different from those which can be found in ski resorts in the western part of Canada. The ski lifts have been added and upgraded since the first one was installed on the resort's debut. More significant changes happened after the resort changed hands to influential resort developer Intrawest, and you'll be sure that more improvements will be seen in the near future.

The resort has 654 acres or 265 hectares of skiable terrain. The highest accessible point in the resort is 645 meter or 2,116 feet up. Snowfall averages at 395 centimeters or 156 inches every year, although snow cover is increased by the resort's use of over one thousand snow cannons. There are a total of 95 trails in the resort for all types of skiers. You should, know however, that half of the trails are marked for expert skiers.

Most of the resort's guests are experienced skiers, a lot of whom are most are people with intermediate skills. The lift lines tend to be long and there are many complaints about the high cost of skiing in the resort. Renting ski equipment in the resort is not often a wise idea because the gear is adequate but less than spectacular. However, skiing conditions are excellent with long and challenging trails.

Many of the guests came with their families, which was probably not a good idea. There were all sorts of activities for the kids to enjoy, such as dog sleds, zip lines and ice climbing. The restaurants serve French cuisine, which is great. However, if you are the one paying for all this fun, then a stay in the resort is not so enjoyable.

If you are thinking of going to Mont Tremblant on your winter vacation, make sure that you are there to ski because having extra activities can really add to the cost. If you want to travel there with a large group, especially if some of them are young children, you should know that keeping them occupied may dent your budget in a big way.