Panorama Mountain Village

It is a ski resort located near Invermere amidst the Purcell Mountains in the southeastern part of British Columbia. This is part of the region Eastern Kootenay region of the Canadian Rockies system. The region is an ideal location for ski resorts since it experiences a huge amount of snowfall every year. The resort was named after the Panorama Plateau, a nearby area which is popular to skiers during the winter and a hiking trail during the summer. It also houses a golf course so the resort is open even beyond the winter months. However, its facilities meant for skiers is available from late November to the middle of April.

Local skiing enthusiasts established the ski resort in the 1960s. Actually, it was more of a ski hill than a resort, so the amenities you could find then were just a hut for skiers to warm themselves, a rope tow, and a parking area. The skiing area quickly expanded and attracted the attention of local businesspeople, who purchased the whole establishment in the late 1960s. During this time, a day lodge, ski shop and ski school were established, as well as ski lifts for the expanding customer base. The resort changed corporate hands through the years but returned to local ownership in 2010. More than just a skiing destination, the resort prides itself in being an ideal place for lodging during the winter months. The resort is also committed to being environmentally responsible in all the products and amenities it has.

The resort has a total of 1,150 hectares (2,840 acres) of skiing area. Annual snow fall in averages about 15 feet or 460 centimeters. The highest accessible point is about 1,220 meters, about 4,000 feet above the entire resort! Most of its ski runs are for those with beginner and intermediate skills. Skiers with more advanced skills should check out the Taynton Bowl, Sun Bowl, and Extreme Dream Zone.

Visitors of the Panorama Mountain Village are unanimous in their favorable reviews of its skiing area and the resort's customer service. Although the resort is smaller compared to others in the country, it has many big ski runs. Like other resorts in the Eastern Kootenay region, Panorama has a large amount of snowfall every year and has slopes with very good powder snow. It has fewer crowds than other ski resorts, which means shorter lines for using the ski lifts. The resort also offers a wide variety of activities, such as night skiing, heli-skiing, and ice fishing.

Reactions to lodgings in the resort, however, are mixed. Not many are happy with the service in the hotels. More than a couple of guests complained that it was too expensive for the level of service they were given. Also, the staff can be unprofessional at times. There are facilities, like swimming pools, climbing walls, and water slides for young people although there are few entertainments for older children. These complaints, however, were almost always offset by the availability of hiking trails near the lodgings that gave access to a great view.

As with other resorts found near the Canadian Rockies, there is little argument over the quality of the terrain and snow cover to suit skiing enthusiasts. However, the quality of customer service is really what differentiates the different resorts in that area. There is still room for Panorama to improve on that.