Purden Ski Village

It is a ski resort near Prince George city in the northern part of British Columbia. Purden Ski Village is on the Purden Mountain, the most famous ski mountain in the central part of the province. The ski resort is actually right above the Purden Lake Resort, a place that offers camping, boating, fishing, swimming, and other activities during the summer months. During the winter season, the ski resort provides skiing facilities from December to April.

The resort started as a humble ski hill that opened in the last part of the 1960s. Purden Lake Resort was already established then and the avid skiers in Prince George and in the nearby communities are interested in the wonderful skiing conditions in the Purden Mountain. The nearby Tabor Mountain Ski Resort is already making use of the mountain's various skiable terrain but it is sometimes closed due to weather conditions, so the locals can look to Purden Ski Hill as an alternative. The skiing terrain in Purden has expanded through the years. The management prides itself at keeping the resort up to date in terms of its equipment. There are ongoing preparations in the ski resort since Prince George was chosen to host city for the Canadian Winter Games in 2015.

Purden Ski Village has a skiable terrain of 60 acres or 24 hectares, which is much, much smaller than most ski resorts. Its highest accessible point is at 335 meters or 1,100 feet up. It receives an average of 406 centimeters or 160 inches of snowfall every year and has around 25 ski trails for beginning skiers, intermediates and those with more advanced skills. You will be glad to know that the resort has facilities for snowboarding.

The resort is not a popular destination for skiers. In fact, most of the guests there are people who live in Prince George and the nearby communities, and aren't they lucky? There are no crowds, no lines to the ski lifts, excellent powder skiing and snowboarding conditions, as well as numerous treed runs. Now, it is even gearing up for a national competition so its amenities are not something to smirk at.

Guests usually bring their children there since the resort has a reputation of being a very family-friendly place. It has an established day care center with an extensive program of outdoor and indoor activities. The nearby schools also organize a special instructional day at Purden Ski Village where students and teachers can get special group discounts. The resort also has a day lodge, rental shops, and restaurants. Other accommodations are available at Prince George.

Purden Ski Village is a ski resort that is much more popular to the locals rather than to travelers from other parts of Canada or from other countries. Actually, the nearby Purden Lake Resort seems a more well-known destination for tourists. The national winter sports games in 2015 will probably change all that and bring the ski resort to the attention of people in other parts of the country and the world.