Revelstoke Mountain Resort

It is located on the Mount Mackenzie near the city of Revelstoke, in the southeastern part of British Columbia province. The mountain is part of the Selkirk mountain range found in the province's Interior. The resort experiences a high amount of snowfall every year, and its very wide and challenging skiing terrain. Actually, the resort is not yet complete and still needs further expansion in terms of terrain and the skiing facilities it provides. When it is finished, the resort will have skiable terrain of about 40 square kilometers or 10,000 acres, making it the largest in the whole continent. At its current state, the resort is already a favorite among experienced skiers and is open throughout the winter season from December to early April.

Mount Mackenzie and its nearby areas have long been popular to the skiing public. The area has also seen a lot of ski resorts and clubs on its hills through the years. The area is well-known to skiers all over Canada for its great powder snow and the variety of the skiing terrain. Revelstoke Mountain resort began operations in 2007 and quickly became a popular skiing destination even though it’s in a relatively remote location compared to other ski resorts in the province. It started the next phase of construction and expansion in 2010. The whole resort is scheduled for completion in 2022.

To date, the resort covers 3,121 acres or 1,263 hectares of alpine skiing terrain. The resort has one of the highest accessible points in the country with 1,713 meters or 5,620 feet. It has 56 runs, more than 90 percent of which are difficult terrain suitable for experienced skiers. Gentle terrain appropriate for beginners only occupies a small portion. The resort is vast, however, so this small percentage of gentle slopes actually translates to a substantial acreage.

Most of the resort's guests are experienced skiers. They actually appreciate that the resort does not have a lot of amenities and is not considered an ideal family destination, as well as its remoteness compared to other nearby resorts. These things usually mean that there will be small crowds and short waits to the ski lifts. The mountain also consistently receives a large amount of new snow throughout the winter season. Skiers also have the option to go into snowboarding, heli-skiing, cat-skiing, treed skiing, paragliding, or go on dog sled tours.

Some of the visitors in the resort are travelers bringing their families. The resort has organized programs and activities for young people to enjoy. The resort has a play area for children and a snow park where children can go snow tubing and boarding. There are also programs organized for the whole family and ladies, as well as introductory lessons on back-country and Nordic skiing.

Be sure to brush up on your skiing if you are thinking of going to the Revelstoke Mountain Resort for your next winter vacation. Although there can be a lot of ways to make your stay at the resort worthwhile, most of the resort's appeal is out there on its slopes for skiers to take in and enjoy.