Shames Mountain Ski Area

It is located near the Terrace city in the North Coast Region of British Columbia province. The ski area is in the northwestern part of the Coast Mountain range, an area known for the large amount of snowfall it experiences every year. The ski area is also famous for its very large back-country area. If you are interested in back-country skiing, put the ski resort at the top of the list of places you must go and there are several ski tours that you can join in. Also, the resort is becoming popular for its dry snow powder and the excellent powder skiing conditions on its varied terrain. Its facilities for winter sports are available from December to April.

The ski area was established in the 1990s but the area has long been a favorite among skiers living in the nearby communities. The ski area hit some financial trouble around 2009 and was actually up for sale. Luckily, a group of concerned citizens decided to form a non-profit organization called Friends of Shames to shoulder the responsible for developing the ski area in the long term. The organization has just launched a community cooperative that is currently operating the ski area. Membership in the cooperative is a must before using any of the ski area's facilities.

Shames Mountain Ski Area is a small resort covering a total area of 133 acres (54 hectares), about 45 hectares of which are natural glades. The highest accessible point is 488 meters or 1,600 feet high. The area receives an average of 1,200 centimeters or 475 inches of snowfall every year. It has 28 marked ski trails and a wide variety of skiable terrain suitable of every type of skier from beginners to those with more advanced skills. You'll be glad to know that some of the runs are considered excellent for snowboarding.

The resort is not so well known so don't be surprised if you don't see any lines for the ski lift chairs. However, more and more skiers and snowboarders are frequenting Shames Mountain, well, because of that, and the quality skiing conditions in the area. Some of its guests even find it an ideal place to teach their children to ski, but those with more advanced skiing skills like to go straight to the steep terrains. The trails for back-country skiing are second to none. Opinions about the scenery or just the sheer size of the trails are present in all the reviews about the ski area.

Shopping and dining are available in the nearby cities of Terrace and Prince Rupert. You can also find eateries and cafeterias with a variety of cuisine in the communities near the ski area. There is also a school for people who want to learn the basics of skiing and snowboarding.

Many people describe Shames Mountain Ski Area as a little jewel tucked in the big skiing treasure box that is British Columbia, and they may be right. If you are planning a ski vacation, Shames Mountain Ski Area probably does not come to mind as a place to go to. It's a toss up whether that is a good thing or not.