Silver Star Mountain Resort

The resort is located near Vernon city in British Columbia. It is near Silver Star Provincial Park in the Monashee mountain range. The resort is a favorite destination of families from different parts of Canada and from other countries as well. It is also a favorite among serious skiers who find the champagne powder snow in the Okanagan region make for a challenging run. In fact, the resort is often used to train Olympic athletes in cross-country skiing. The resort is open throughout the year with services for hiking and mountain biking available during the summer. Its skiing facilities are available from late November to the middle of April.

Although forestry and the lumber trade has always been a major economic force in Vernon, winter sports have long been popular among its residents. A rudimentary facility consisting of a ski hill and rope tow lifts were built in the Silvers Star site in the 1940s. The facility has since expanded to include more skiing area and more up-to-date equipment. A change of management in the 1980s saw the construction of several hotels and other amenities in the area. There are ongoing efforts to install modern lifts and other equipment for the resort.

The resort has a total skiing area of over 12 square kilometers or 3,065 acres with 115 marked ski trails. The highest accessible point is 760 meters or 2,500 feet above the resort. It receives seven meters or 23 feet of snow annually. There are ski runs for all skill levels although most of it are suitable for intermediate skiers only. There are runs reserved for people who like extreme skiing.

Some guests have remarked on the gentleness of the terrain that are suitable for beginners, although the resort is a favorite among intermediate and advanced skiers. The area boasts of very good dry powder snow and great tree skiing. It also is a small resort with short lines to the ski lifts. The resort also has facilities for snowboarding and has helpful instructors and other staff. It is owned by the same company that operates Big White Ski Resort so people can get a flex pass at any of the resorts to get a discount on skiing.

Most of the favorable reviews on the resort have to do with its family-friendly service. You should know the majority of the resort's visitors are traveling with their families. Many of them are repeat customers and have been coming to the resort for some time. There is a wide variety of afternoon and evening activities for people to enjoy, such as night skiing, snow mobile rides, and tubing. The staff and the people who are working in the village are friendly and helpful. The resort gives a pleasant protected feeling ideal for people going on a family vacation.

If you are planning to go on a ski trip with your family, put Silver Star Mountain at the top of your list of places to go to. A serious skier may not find the terrain in the area as challenging as they would like, but you will be sure that the young members of your family will enjoy having their vacation there.