Ski Mont Saint Bruno

Winter fun begins at Ski Mont Saint Bruno, located at Quebec City, Quebec. While snowboarding and Alpine skiing is popular to the place, cross-country skiing and skating can be practiced here as well. At Ski Mont Saint Bruno, friendly staff and professional instructors are waiting to assist beginners and to enhance skills of advanced skiers and riders. The place has a well-groomed snow surface with a perfect snow making system for a successful, hassle-free skiing. A ski school and various services are offered here for the most unforgettable stay. This resort is home to Canada’s biggest ski school. With almost 500 professional instructors, the school has more than 32,000 students each year. It aims to initiate many enthusiasts to the winter sport or to improve their techniques. The resort's skiing season is from December to March.

Ski Mont Saint Bruno opened in 1965. It is a winter sport center located on Mont Saint Bruno’s slopes in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville City. It is near Parc national du Mont-Saint-Bruno and is only a 30-minute drive from Downtown Montreal.

The resort has 50 acres or 20.2 hectares of skiable terrain. The highest accessible point in the resort is 134 meters (439.6 feet) up. An average of 482 centimeters or 190 inches of snow falls in the area every year. The resort has a total 15 skiing trails, with most of it designed by nature for beginners and intermediate skiers. The resort's ski school also offers lessons for beginners and intermediate, as well as special programs for kids and women. However, day-care service for smaller children is not offered here.

Many of the guests in the resort are come with their families or in large groups. Ski Mont Saint Bruno has many gentle slopes so it is not really popular to experienced skiers who like speed. However, the resort has high-speed lifts for a hassle-free, faster travel to the ski hill. Triple chair lifts, quad chair lifts, or T-bars are available to take you to your destination. Their novice-friendly trails are well-maintained with smooth corduroys to ensure no serious injuries would happen to any rider or skier, anytime. The resort may be smaller than most ski destinations in Quebec, but its snowmaking ability guarantees long ski season for everyone. They offer equipment rentals at decent prices. Their high-skilled technicians are always ready to repair your valuable equipment. Keep your things safe by renting a locker from the establishment. On-site restaurants are available for those who want to grab a meal, a snack, or a drink. Some foods for younger children are also sold here. Those who want to continue the fun the next day will have nothing to worry. Nearby accommodations for the family or group are just a few-minute drive from Ski Mont Saint Bruno. Some of these are the Welcominns, Comfort Inns Boulcherville, and Hotel Mortagne.

Come to Ski Mont Saint Bruno if you want to experience the different winter activities in a safe, inviting environment. It is an ideal destination for all types of skiers, snowboarders, and other winter sport enthusiasts of any age and ability level.