Ski Wentworth

It is a ski hill located at the rural community of Wentworth near Truro town in Nova Scotia's Colchester County. The resort is in the Cobequid mountain range, also referred to by the locals as the Cobequid Hills, and is considered the largest skiing area in the province. It was the main venue of the Canadian Winter Games held in 2011 and is a favorite among freestyle skiing enthusiasts and those interested in tree skiing. Ski Wentworth is also considered more of a family-oriented ski resort because of its gentle terrain. The resort has a variety of services geared for children and those just learning how to ski. Ski season in the resort is from December to March.

The resort was officially established in the 1950s, although skiers from Halifax city and Truro have been going to Wentworth Valley every winter since the 1930s. The ski hill became the property of Halifax Ski Club during its early years. The resort expanded through the years in terms of amenities and equipment.

The resort has 150 acres (0.6 square kilometers ) of skiable terrain. The highest accessible point is 815 feet or 248 meters up. Annual snowfall in the resort averages at 381 centimeters or 150 inches per year. The resort uses a snow making system to make up 75 percent of the snow cover. There is a total of 23 trails with a wide range of difficulty. The resort's runs are suitable for various skill levels with many of them appropriate for beginner skiers and intermediates.

Skiers like going to Ski Wentworth because of the diversity of the ski terrain. The resort is also not so well-known among tourists so the crowd tends to be small and the ski lift lines are short. Most of the ski equipment, however, are old and not so well maintained. Although there are many gradual slopes, there are many trails that tend to get very steep at the bottom, so only expert skiers would and should try them out. The snow parks are a particular favorite among snowboarders and more advanced skiers.

Most of the resort's guests came with small children. The resort has various activities designed for them, particularly those who want to learn how to ski. There are many bunny hills and gentle slopes meant for beginners, and the lodge in the resort is large and comfortable, with helpful and friendly staff. You should know that hockey teams sometimes visit the resort so the lodge can be a bit noisy sometimes. It might be best to look for accommodations outside the resort during that time.

Ski Wentworth is that rare jewel among ski resorts. It is a family-friendly place that is ideal for those who are thinking of having a winter vacation with a large group of people. Since the resort was also a venue for a recent national winter sports competition, guests are also assured of challenging terrain and facilities to help with their skiing. On top of those, it is not a well-known location, which means small crowds and short lines. What else are you looking for in a place to spend your ski trip?