Stoneham Mountain Resort

It is located in the Stoneham-et-Tewkesbury municipality near Quebec City in Quebec province. It has hosted the FIS Snowboard World Cup Finals since 2007 so the resort is known as a haven for snowboarders throughout the world. The resort is also known for having the best terrain for all types of skiers, but mostly for beginner and intermediate skiers. Ski season in the resort is from December to March, and often some time after that.

The resort began operations in the 1960s. The site was chosen because of the unique qualities that the mountain's horseshoe shape provided. The area has always been blessed with a lot of snow every year and the mountain's shape helped in letting the snow remain there for a long time. The shape also shelters the skiers and protects them from windy conditions. In the 1980s, the resort hosted the first world championships for freestyle skiing and other high caliber events. The Resorts of the Canadian Rockies currently operates Stoneham, which now has a well-known snow park with a wall super pipe that is 17 feet tall, snow board rails and other obstacles.

The resort has 132 hectares or 326 acres of skiable terrain. Its highest accessible location is 420 meters or 1,380 feet. The resort also receives 350 centimeters or 138 inches of snow every year. The resort has 32 runs many of which are suitable for beginner skiers. There are also difficult or blue ski trails, as well as black and double black ones.

The resort is not much of a tourist destination and most of the resort's guests are locals. Although the terrain is not as high as in nearby Mont Sainte Anne, some of the trails are longer and more panoramic. Many of the guests are experienced skiers and have more advanced skills. Even though it has trails meant for all types of skiers, the resort is better known to more advanced skiers. What's more, the resort attracts a small crowd and has very short lines to the ski lifts.

The resort is currently developing a more family-friendly reputation. However, most of the groups that travel are more interested in its nearness to Quebec City and to Mont Sainte Anne ski resort. Nighttime skiing is also available in the resort and now has apres skiing options. The resort's well-known snow park is always a hit with people who are bringing teenagers. No surprise there. If you are a beginner skier or is traveling with people who are, you should know that the resort also gives skiing and snowboarding lessons for beginners.

If you are planning to brush up on your skiing and snowboarding skills during your winter vacation, you better have Stoneham Mountain Resort in the list of place you have to choose from. For people who are thinking of taking their families on their ski trip, going to Stoneham will still rely on trips to Quebec City to entertain the children with interesting sites and activities. However, there are ongoing efforts to make the resort more family-friendly so the dependence on Quebec City may lessen sooner rather than later.