Sun Peaks Ski Resort

It is located the city of Kamloops in the south central portion of the British Columbia province, and is situated at the foot of three mountains: Mount Morrisey, Tod Mountain, and Sundance Mountain. It is part of a region called the Thompson Country, which has different types of terrain, from desert-like areas to hills and mountains full of pine trees. The resort is open throughout the year, with facilities for biking, golfing and recreational tubing available during the very warm summer months. Services for skiers and snowboarders are available from December to April.

The resort was established in the 1960s but it was known then as the Tod Mountain Ski Area, after the highest of its three mountains. In the 1990s, a Japanese corporation purchased the resort and it has since undergone a name change as well as an expansion of its facilities for the activities it offers during the summer and winter months.

The resort has a total skiable area of 3,678 acres or 1,488 hectares with more than 120 ski runs. The longest of the ski runs covers eight kilometers. Most of its slopes are for intermediate skiers as well as those with expert skills, but the resort also has runs for beginners. The resort also experiences an average of 18 feet or 550 centimeters of snow fall every year. The highest accessible point in the resort is 820 meters or about 2,690 feet up.

The resort has a reputation for being a favorite destination for intermediate skiers. It has a variety of terrain, however, so more advanced skiers will not have a problem looking for a challenging run. The area receives less snowfall per year than other Canadian resorts but the terrain has very few rocks and the snow quality is preserved even as winter wanes. It is also a small resort so the crowds there could be small and the lines to the chairlifts very short.

The guests who are less devoted to skiing usually have something favorable to say about the ski resort. Sun Peaks' rooms tend to be small but satisfactory, with friendly staff who are always ready to help. The available amenities can leave a lot to be desired but many customers think the resort is the best and most affordable option next to a good skiing area. Other visitors will be glad to know that more upscale accommodations are available in other parts of the resort.

The resort is also a popular for travelers who are bringing their families. As a result, some of the the guests were sometimes unlucky enough to stay in a hotel where young people and children run around and make a ruckus. However, the friendly front lobby staff are always ready to take care of any complaints and concerns from their guests. Many of the resort's visitors have favorable things to say about it, so clearly is you want to have a budget-friendly ski trip with your loved ones, this resort is something to keep in mind. Sun Peaks clearly does not rank high in the list of major skiing destinations. With the small crowd, short lines and challenging ski terrain, that is probably a good thing.