Val Neigette

It is a small ski resort located in the town of Sainte Blandine near Rimouski city in the province of Quebec. It is in the province's Bas Saint Laurent region that surrounds the mouth of the vast Rimouski River. It is a favorite among winter sports buffs, especially those who are into downhill skiing and snowboarding. It has a snow making system that can handle up to 80 percent of the snow cover needed in the resort. The system also extends the resort's ski season, which is currently from December to early April.

Skiing has long been a part of life in Rimouski and in nearby communities. Cross-country skiing is a particular favorite in the area so it is no surprise that some of the resort's ski trails are designed for this type of skiing. The area just recently received funds from the national government to further improve the ski resort and the overall winter tourism industry in the Bas Saint Laurent region to make it one of the primary winter destinations in the country.

The resort has a skiable terrain of more than 85 acres or 34 hectares. The highest accessible point is 177 meters or 581 feet up. Annual snowfall in the area can go up to 120 inches or 305 centimeters. There are 22 ski trails with most of the ski terrain in the resort are considered difficult to extremely difficult. The terrain is more suitable for skiers with very advanced skills. However, it is not hard to look for appropriate trails for beginners and intermediate skiers in the resort's long gradual slopes. Snowboarders will be glad to know that some of the terrain are suitable for their kind of sport. They can also enjoy snowboarding at the resort's Jib Park and the wave slope. Travelers should also know that some of the ski trails have glades and are suitable for cross-country skiing.

Most of the guests at the resort are locals from nearby communities who consider themselves advanced skiers. Among their favorites are the resort's slalom course and the snow parks, which is complete with various obstacles like rails and jumps. Only two of the trails are suitable for beginning skiers so these tend to be crowded, which is really not much of a big deal. The resort is so below-radar so it attracts a small crowd anyway and the lines to the ski lifts tend to be short to none.

Some of the resort's guests do come bringing their families, probably because the resort is promoted to be family-friendly. It is not, however, or at least not yet. Most of the skiable terrain is not really suitable for children, although there are some of the resort's activities, such as nighttime skiing, tobogganing or winter sliding and snow tubing, are fun for people of all ages and skill levels. There is no lodging available at the resort but people who like to use the resort's facilities can look for accommodations in nearby communities of Rimouski. There is also a small bar-cum-restaurant for skiers and snow mobile riders. It also has ladies' night and gentleman’s day.

If you are thinking of a place to spend your winter vacation, choose Val Neigette, that is, if you are thinking of brushing up on your skiing. Right now, it is hard to imagine that you can enjoy going to the resort if you don't have such skills. However, with the support of the national government, the resort can look forward to an exciting future.