Val Saint Come

It is a ski resort located in the municipality of Saint Come in the Lanaudiere region in the central part of Quebec province. The region is between the Laurentian Mountains and the Saint Lawrence River. The area has long been popular to skiers, especially those who are interested in the cross-country type. The resort is also known for terrain suitable for intermediate skiers and those with more advanced skills. It also has excellent trails designed for snowboarding. The ski resort is open for its skiing season from December to April.

The Laurentian Mountains have long been a popular skiing venue. The residents in the surrounding areas have always been interested in the sport. The resort began at the end of the 1970s when there isn't even electricity and telephone services in the area yet! The utilities came soon after that and the resort quickly grew. Various equipments were installed in the 1980s. Nighttime skiing was also introduced during this time in five of the resort's runs. Numerous residences and accommodations were built in the site. The resort recently opened a center dedicated to freestyle skiing.

The resort covers a skiable terrain of 65 acres or 26 hectares. It is a small resort with the highest accessible point 300 meters or 985 feet up. The area is located in the province's snow belt, which experiences a lot of snowfall during the winter season. In fact, the resort receives an average 250 centimeters or 99 inches of snow every year. Natural snow only makes up about one-fifth of the snow cover since the resort uses 60 snow guns to add to the snow cover. The resort has 36 ski trails, three-quarters of which are suitable for intermediate skiers and those with more advanced skills.

Most of the people who go to the resort are locals and people from other parts of the country who know about the excellent conditions that the region can offer. Many of them are experienced skiers and can take advantage of the challenging skiing terrain that Val Saint Come can offer. The resort is certainly a jewel that is still to be discovered by skiers from other countries. Mainly because of this, the resort attracts a small crowd with little to no lines to the high-performance ski lifts. The resort also has trails that are ideal for cross-country skiing.

Many of the resort's guests are people who are bringing in their families. Besides the very nice accommodations, the resort also provides child care services, as well as programs and activities for young people. There are also skiing and snowboarding lessons given to visitors who are interested in learning a new sport or just wanted to review the basics of the sport.

If you are thinking of a place to go for your winter vacation, why not try Val Saint Come? If you are a serious skier, there is little question about the challenging terrain that the resort has. Don't forget, a center for freestyle skiing just opened in the resort so you are assured of guaranteed world-class facilities to suit your skills. The resort is also a wise choice if you are going on a vacation with your family. The wide variety of the services it offers is a testament to the resort's commitment to give a complete experience.