Mount Washington Alpine Resort

It is located on the eastern portion of the Vancouver Island mountain range in British Columbia province. It is near Courtenay, the biggest city in the Comox Valley Regional District. The mountain was named after John Washington, an officer and hydrographer of the British Royal Navy during the 19th century. Snowfall in the resort can get very high, making it a favorite among skiers in the throughout the world. The resort is also a favorite among photographers and artists because of its clear view of the Pacific Ocean, forests, and lakes. The resort is open all year long and is popular among hikers and backpackers during the summer. Its skiing season is open from December to April.

The resort first opened in 1979, although many business men already knew of the mountain's unique potential as a skiing destination much, much earlier. It is one of the first planned ski resorts in the province, with proposals for comprehensive services for the skiing public. The years that followed saw the installation of several high-performance ski lifts and other equipment, as well as improvements in the skiing trails and facilities.

The resort has 1,600 acres or 648 hectares of skiable terrain. Snowfall in the area averages 1,006 centimeters or 396 inches a year. The highest accessible point is 505 meters or 1,657 feet above the resort. It has 81 trails suitable for any type of skier, although more than three-quarters of the terrain is difficult and is more suitable for experienced skiers. Some of its runs are great for snowboarding and snowshoeing. The resort is particularly proud of 55 kilometers of treed runs meant for cross-country skiers.

Most of the skiers who go to the resort are intermediates and those who are just learning the sport. The resort is also a favorite destination among advanced skiers who especially like the resort's Boomerang Chair lift which allowed the access of acres of very difficult terrain. Crowds can be very small during weekdays so, during those times, it's an ideal place for beginner skiers and more experienced ones who want challenging skiing terrain.

The resort is also a hit among guests who want to spend their winter with their families. Lodges and accommodations are available in the resort, as well as an activity center for children and friendly instructors for people who want to learn to ski or snowboard. Nighttime skiing and snow tubing are also available at the resort. There are not many apres ski options like in other nearby ski resorts, however.

If you are looking for a place to spend your ski trip, the Mount Washington Alpine Resort may be the perfect place for you. You want to spend some time perfecting your skiing? The resort has a wide variety of its skiing terrain, plus the high annual snowfall in the area. You want a family-friendly resort where you can learn to ski? The resort may be what you are looking for. The resort's easy access to gorgeous scenery is just icing on the cake for a wonderful vacation.