Whitewater Ski Resort

It is a resort near Nelson town in the Central Kootenay region of the province of British Columbia. The resort is actually at the bottom of the Ymir Mountain, a part of the Selkirk mountain range and an area with a lot of dry snow. The resort is a favorite skiing destination, especially for those who are into powder skiing. The resort is open during the winter months from December to March.

Skiing has long been a popular sport in Nelson, particularly in 1930s when local athlete Danny McKay won the national title for ski jumping. A local group called the Silver King Skiers decided to create a small ski resort to provide the necessary facilities to develop their own skiing skills, as well as those of other members of their family. In the 1970s, the resort was moved to the nearby Whitewater Valley. Local businesspeople then bought the resort from the ski club in the 1980s. A bigger corporation purchased the resort in 2008 and turned it into the one people know now.

The resort is known for its difficult skiing terrain, one of the most challenging in Canada. The resort is also trying to stay true to its roots with the Silver King Skiers by preserving the trees and natural landscape in the area. This is contrary to what most ski resorts do, which is cutting down vegetation in their slopes to make them more ski-friendly. The resort has a total skiable terrain of 479 hectares or 1,184 acres. Average yearly snowfall in the area is at 12 meters (about 39 feet). The highest accessible point in the resort is around 400 meters or 1,300 feet. It has slopes and other facilities meant for skiers with different skill levels.

There are mixed opinions about the resort. Like other ski resorts in the region, Whitewater is blessed with slopes that have very good powder snow conditions. The resort is also sheltered from the wind because of the mountains surrounding it. This can make skiing much more enjoyable. There are many ungroomed ski runs but as some of the guests admitted, it is hard to deny the beauty of the surroundings. You should also know that the resort also has runs and facilities for snowboarding.

The resort is also small and is not a popular choice for people who are thinking of going on a ski trip. This means that the resort does not have a big crowd and long lines to the chair lifts. This is good news since many of the lifts are old and can move slowly. However, the resort's size also means that it usually relies on a small local staff. This can be a good thing during normal operations but given special circumstances (e.g. closures due to avalanches) this level of service is not. Whitewater also has the reputation of being family-friendly. You should know that this is not the usual case in big ski resorts.

The best thing that the resort has been going for it seems to be its skiing areas, the way it has been managed and made to preserve its natural beauty. It is not clear whether it is the cause or the effect of the resort's few customers. What is clear, however, is that the resort's customer service still needs a lot of improvement to cater to a bigger and more international crowd.